Green Goldstone Tumbled Set (L)


Description: Extraordinary Green Goldstone Tumbled Stone Set. Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in a low-oxygen-reducing atmosphere. They come in several different colors and are magical and mesmerizing to look at. They quite literally shimmer and shine in your hands. Holding them up to the light provides an even more incredible experience. You will receive the typical set shown.

Chromium Oxide is used for Green Goldstone like these.

Size: Large, 3/4 – 1 inch. Set of six.

Primary Uses: Goldstone is an amazing attractor of spirits and spiritual beings. It is beautiful, never has any negative energy, is made of natural materials – silicon and oxygen-like Quartz, and sparkles in every dimension.

One great use we have is to use them in a grid in the Spirit Stone ring. If you are just seeking spiritual help but not calling on a specific goddess or spirit, they are perfect.

We also use them in healing – not for their healing energy but as a delight for the senses during a session. We give our clients a few to hold and “play with.” They seem to just brighten the spirit. As such, they are often said to be talismans of happiness and cheerfulness.

In a word, Goldstone is the “smile” of the crystal world. There is magic there, but it is an innocent, non-denominational, beautiful kind of magic.

Try just carrying a few. Give one away when someone asks what it is and admires it. Tell them it is a Goldstone – a wonderful smile maker that works on everyone to make a bit of their day sparkle.

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  • Goldstone is a Transformer Crystal. Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of ones life to a more desirable state.Goldstone can be used effectively as a talismans of trust. Use these stones when you need to develop patience, reconcile differences, or seek forgiveness. They can help us to change our lives to become more dependable and cheerful. They are helpful in dealing with grief, letting go of the past, and curing guilt.
  • If you like it,  Goldstone can be used as one of the natural birthstones of those born while the world awaits the vernal equinox and spring (February 19–March 19).
  • Glass in many forms has been used to honor Goddesses.  These stones can be used in devotions to Clota: Goddess of the River Cldye and Gaia, the Greek Earth Mother.They can also can be used in devotions to Bona Dea, the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility; Callisto, the Greek Moon Goddess; Ceridwen, the Welsh Mother, and Knowledge Goddess; and Chirakan-Ixmucane, the Mayan Creator Goddess.
  •  Goldstones can be used as healing stones for your aura.  Try holding one gently and concentrate on feeling the energy align from your toes to your head.
  • Goldstone brings wood elemental energy and is associated with the East, Family, Ancestors, and Community. Use this mineral in the East area of a room or home if you want to keep Qui, the Universal Life Force flowing properly there.The crystal’s green rays will enhance energy flow in the area aiding your efforts that are devoted to enhancing family and community. This particular crystal will assure the proper flow of love and affection within a room or home.
  • Little is written about the energy of these stones.  You will be on a personal voyage of discovery.  We would be curious as to what you might find.