Jet Tumbled Stone Set (Large)


Description: Highly polished Jet tumbled stone set. Jet is a powerful protection stone that purifies various levels of vibrational energy. It is highly sought for its uses in shielding one against evil and psychic attacks. You will receive the typical set shown.

Size: Extra large, 1-1 1/2 inches in length. Sold in sets of three.

Primary Uses: Jet is used as a calming talisman in times of loss or high stress. It is organic in origin and brings ancient elements of the Universal Life Force to you. A stone or two held in the hands is quite effective in promoting inner strength and calming fears.

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Talismans or Amulet
Feng Shui
Other Info
  • Jet is probably one of the first materials used for talismans and amulets. It was very popular during the reign of Queen Victoria of England in the late 19th Century. Jet is organic in origin. It contains ancient life forces. It’s legendary use is traced back to the ancient Egyptians who used Jet from Phrygia and Galatia as an amulet as “great protection for all who journeyed by sea or by river” according to George Kunz, in “The Curious Lore of Precious Stones.”
  • Jet is used in communications and devotions to Bean Sidhe, the Irish Fairy of Mourning; Cybele Phrygian Goddess of Caverns; Eriskegal,
    Sacred Goddess of the Underworld; Hecate,
    Thracian Goddess of Wisdom; and Manat (aspect of Allat), Arabian Goddess of Waning Moon, Time, Destiny, and Death.
  • Jet calms fears and anxiety. It relaxes stress and promotes serenity.
  • Jet has Water energy. Water energy is symbolized by blue and black. Use these colors of crystals to enhance any space that you use for repose, calm reflection, or prayer. Use blue or black crystals to bring the flowing energy of the water element to areas of your home and life that are focused on realizing your potential.

    Water energy is traditionally associated with the entry or the North area of a home or room. It is associated with the Career and Life Path area. Its flowing energy will assure a balance of energy as your life unfolds and flows. To keep your life moving forward towards your goals use the water element’s energy.

  • Other practitioners report that Jet is a deeply calming and stabilizing stone that can be a comfort in loss. It is reported to enhance the stability of one’s financial situation when it is threatened by outside forces.