Cinnabrite Massage Wand


Description: This is a unique Cinnabrite Massage Wand from Peru. A newly discovered crystal, it is a combination of Orthoclase, a type of Feldspar, and Thulite, a type of Epidote.  Each massage wand is highly polished.

Sold individually. The photo is typical of the massage wand you will receive.

Size: Ranges in size from 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 inches in length. The typical weight is 99 grams.

Primary Uses: Cinnabrite is a new stone made up of familiar elements. Orthoclase Feldspar is the white part of Cinnabrite. It has ancient origins, having been found in samples brought back by NASA on both the Moon and Mars. It is a crystal of harmony, inner strength, and courage. It can bring people together and soothe tension between them. Thulite is the pink form of Epidote. It brings loving energy, passion, increased sex drive, energy, and stamina.

While Cinnabrite radiates loving energy, it is more known for its ability to increase intimacy. The mixture of Orthoclase and Thulite soothes any discord, brings couples closer, increases their passion, and improves their sex life. Cinnabrite carries a lot of Fire Energy making it a very energetic crystal. It can be placed by the bedside during times of intimacy but should be put away during bedtime as it may keep you awake.

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Quick Healing Overview: ​Cinnabrite is an energetic stone that increases energy, passion, vitality, stamina, harmony, and more. It can be used to bring friends and family together while increasing love and harmony. It can also be brought into the bedroom to improve sex, passion, and stamina.

Birthstone & Zodiac Uses: Cinnabrite is one of the natural birthstones of those born in the first month of Autumn, from September 23rd to October 21st. If you were born at this time of the year, try working with Cinnabrite and see if you seem to feel more connected to yourself. Cinnabrite is also associated with the zodiac sign Gemini (May 21 – June 20). Gemini-born people are intelligent and curious. They wish to know everything about everyone and everything. Learning is one of their favorite things to do.

Uses in Meditation: Amethyst is one of the best crystals for meditation. The amethyst color stimulates the highest vibration of the Third Eye and placing an Amethyst stone directly over this area ushers in a serene meditative state that stills conscious thought and guides the mind toward deeper understanding.

For Chakra Balancing: Cinnabrite is associated with the First Chakra, the Root Chakra which is located at the base of the spine and radiates through the legs and feet. This is the grounding Chakra and deals with the health of the physical body. When it is out of balance you will feel flighty and physically adrift. This stone can be used effectively in crystal healing when the Root Chakra is in need of realignment.

Crystal Color Energy: Cinnabrite embodies the white and pink color rays. Pink is the color of new love, new romance, and new relationships. It is particularly powerful in Seeker and Attractor crystals. For finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, or even a mate, a pink Seekers is excellent. White is the color of the feminine gender, manifested as the Goddess in many cultures, and, as such, the color of the world of birth, and regeneration.

Associated Goddesses: Cinnabrite honors Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty.

Feng Shui Uses: Cinnabrite has Fire Energy. Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination, and activity. It is the energy of heat, action, emotion, and passion – of ideas, concepts, and sex. Fire Energy is traditionally associated with the south area of a home or room, and with the fame and reputation area of your dwelling. Use its energy to give your life the boost it needs to enhance your standing in the community and within your family.

Talisman Energy: Cinnabrite is a Guardian Harmonizer Crystal. When you have something you want to protect use a crystal that forms in the monoclinic system like Cinnabrite. These Guardian crystals have an internal structure that is composed of parallelograms. The parallel structure of their crystalline lattice gives these crystals the power to protect us in the physical world and in the spiritual one. In the physical world, they are excellent aids in protecting your loved ones, your possessions, and your physical security. They are very useful in protecting houses and homes, property, and valuables.