Through the Veil Grid Kit


DESCRIPTION: This is a Though the Veil Grid Kit. You will receive a 5 x 7 grid, instructions, and all the stones needed.

Have you ever wanted to visit your personal “spirit world”? Do you, like most of us, know that around Halloween is the best time to peek “through the veil” between the worlds? Well, perhaps this crystal energy kit will be just the help you need to see “through the veil” and visit the spirit world this Halloween. We think you will find it quite effective.

During late October, around the Halloween season, we humans collectively, all over the world, are somehow drawn to find a connection to the spirit world. During this time of year, hundreds of thousands of people are engaged in the same thing: seeking an interaction, an understanding, or a connection to the spirit world. This worldwide effort brings a tremendous energy to bear that thins out the veil separating the spirit and material world.


*This kit does not include the ‘Through the Veil” candle or room spray. You can purchase separately here.*

So, consistent with the traditions of many cultures and religions, we now offer a special crystal grid kit to help people see through the thin veil and visit their personal spiritual world.

FOCUS STONE: Your Focus stone is a Quartz point. The Crown chakra is especially attuned to this crystal, which is the source of spirituality and connects you to the higher realms. This will bring the Universal Life Force in the form of light and is the pure White Light of creation. It provides the highest form of Light and is a reflection of the soul. Quartz will emulate and amplify any intention programmed into it.

WAY STONES: Amethyst will be your Way stones. This is a crystal of spirituality and contentment. It quiets the mind and encourages a meditative state. Amethyst also holds the ability to expand the mind and strengthen intuition. This crystal is known for stimulating consciousness. With its high-vibration energy, it is a powerful psychic stone and connects you to the Divine.

DESIRE STONES: Sodalite will be your Desire stones. This stone will show you your relationship with the Universe and open the mind to increase wisdom. It expands consciousness and helps in the quest for truth. These stones will bring vibrant indigo color energy to your grid. They will enhance the clarity of thought, concentration, and understanding. They will also provide you with spiritual guidance and mastery.

PERIMETER STONES: Citrine is a crystal of clarity that expands the higher mind. It brings enlightenment and inspires manifestation. It is also great for transforming negative energies into positivity while providing you with security.

SIZE: The grid is 5 x 7 inches. Stone sizes will vary due to supply issues.

ASSEMBLY: On the two nights preceding Halloween and on Halloween, find a very quiet place where you will not be disturbed or hear other noises. Set up your grid on a small table beginning with placing the Focus stone first. Next, place the Way stones, then the Desire stones. Last, place your Perimeter stones on the Eye of Horus. Place a candle nearby. Sit quietly and try to keep your attention on the flame. Say aloud three times, “We call upon Spirit to join us. Only those we ask may enter our circle. Only those of white light may enter and be with us.” Watch and listen intently for spirits or communication signs from them. Try to align the time, the flame, your thoughts, and your desires. Sessions should be kept to about 10-15 minutes each and only 3-4 per night.

The veil is thin, try to stay focused. We wish you only visits from beneficent spirits. Good luck and trust your instincts.

The kit is easy to set up, easy to use, and we are very confident it will work to help you find the friendships that life has to offer.

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