Sugar and Spice Agate Bath Salt

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Description: Infuse a touch of sweetness and warmth into your winter bathing routine with this comforting healing salt blend. Bathing in salt brings a plethora of benefits for both the mind and body, and when paired with the potent energy of crystals, it elevates the healing experience to new heights. Harnessing the soothing energy of the Grey Agate nestled within, this salt blend encourages you to navigate your swirling emotions with abstract thinking. By promoting an ability to view things from various perspectives, it fosters objectivity and allows you to observe your emotions from different angles, ultimately loosening their strong hold on you.

A full list of ingredients is in the tabs below.

Weight:  Approximately 30 oz

Source:  Crystal Bar Soap

Scent: Gingerbread Cookies and Sugar

Instructions for Use:

Start to fill the bathtub with hot/warm water

Scatter the desired amount of salt as your tub fills with water. *To enhance its power sprinkle it in a circle and stand within it as you fill the tub

Place the crystal in the bathtub as the water fills the tub.

Make sure the salt is dissolved before entering.

Soak and enjoy the wonderful vibration.

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Ingredients: Coconut Milk Powder* (Cocos Nucifera Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate), Baking Soda* (Pure Sodium Bicarbonate), White Kaolin Clay*, Oat Flour, SLSA, Water Soluble Pigment (FD&C Dye), Fragrance and Mica

*Natural Ingredients

Crystal bath salts consist of vibratory essences that work on a deep level and are very powerful. They affect the physical and etheric levels to shift and raise your vibration, to energetically release that which is not of your highest good, to heal certain issues, rebalance you, and awaken your spiritual gifts and abilities. Their effects can be subtle or very intense. This depends on you and your chemistry. Experiment with them to see what works best for you!  To use, simply add to a hot bath and enjoy.