Divine Creator Black Tourmaline Soap

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Description: This crescent soap represents brother, manifestation, and attainment. It was created with all of the lovely divine feminine energy of the moon. This soap is charged with Black Tourmaline protective energy, which deflects and stops psychic attacks and other harmful forces. It controls the bodily energetic systems and has the power to purify and convert harmful energies into useful forms of energy. It helps keep your spirit grounded by forming a grounding circuit with the tides of the earth.

Aniseed and cedarwood combine to create a comforting and calming atmosphere. Together, they produce a scent that gives you the impression of gazing up into the sky while the moon is reflecting your image back at you.

Ingredients are in the tab below.

No animal testing, 100% vegan, and sustainably made.

Source: Crystal Bar Soap

Size: 6″ in diameter. Approximately 5 oz.

Scent Notes: Scented in Anise and Cedarwood

Uses:  A  bar of soap often has much less packaging than liquid soap, is more eco-friendly because of its packaging, and is lighter on carbon emissions to manufacture.

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Crystal soaps include crystal vibratory essences that work on a deep level and are very powerful. They affect the physical and etheric levels to shift and raise your vibration, to energetically release that which is not of your highest good, to heal certain issues, rebalance you, and awaken your spiritual gifts and abilities. Their effects can be subtle or very intense. This depends on you and your chemistry. Experiment with them to see what works best for you!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Saponifying Agent), Sorbitol (Moisturizer), Propylene Glycol (Made from Vegetable Glycerine), Sorbitan Oleate (Emulsifier), Oat Protein (Gluten Free), Fragrance (Phthalate Free), and Activated Charcoal.