Pisces Glass Soap Dish

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Description: Handmade in the USA, High Quality Glass Soap Dish. This soap dish raises the soap to drain any excess water or suds to keep your soap fresh. Makes for a fantastic and unique housewarming gift and goes perfectly with our Earthsong Studios soaps. A great way to enhance your bathroom and/or kitchen! You will receive the typical item shown.

Pisces design. Pisceans love making friends and being around them. They often put their friendsʼ needs before their own. If a friend is suffering a Piscean will make it their problem too and suffer with them. Gift giving is one of their specialties because they love making people feel great and loved. They donʼt care much for money but really care about their dreams and goals. They are successful in the businesses of art, music, marketing, and drama. Pisceans enjoy when other people are open and kind to them. When someone tells them a story about human suffering it touches their heart and makes them sensitive. They really feel the pain of someone else. If a Piscean is knocked down feeling gloomy and dealing with self-pity, they will get back up again and show the world that they are better than that. Visit our Pisces page.

SOURCE: Earthsong Studios

SIZE: 4 in x 3 cm. Weighs approximately 4 oz.

Primary Uses: Keeps your counter clean from soap residue. Designed to drain water and keep soap dry and clean. Adds a unique flare to your bathroom or kitchen decor. 



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  • Handmade glass dish used to keep soap bars dry and clean. Can be also used for holding jewelry or other objects while washing hands.