Petals of Positivity Crystal Infused Loose Tea Blend


DESCRIPTION: Petals of Positivity Crystal Infused Loose Tea Blend. A herbal loose tea blend infused with the crystalline energy of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Citrine.

This product is made to order and requires a 48-hour processing time. Using pyramid power, the essence of natural, cleansed, and aligned crystals is focused and potentialized into the organic loose tea blend.

Each tea blend comes in a reusable and resealable storage bag, keeping the bags fresh for many months.  You can learn more about our crystal tea here.

SIZE:  Approximately 1 oz (makes 10 cups) herbal tea blend and a reusable black storage bag

SOURCE: Santa Cruz, CA and Infused by Crystal Vaults

INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, rose petals, orange peel, oatstraw, lemon balm, lavender, and stevia

PRIMARY USES: Drinking Tea is a great and easy way to use the healing energies of multiple stones at once.  We find it particularly beneficial as a tonic.  It is an easy way to gain the benefits of various stones without having to make an elixir or having to purchase all of the different stones.

Indulging in Petals of Positivity Crystal Infused Tea is an extraordinary way to uplift your spirits and embrace a wellness-focused lifestyle. This loose tea blend offers a delightful flavor profile by seamlessly blending fruity notes and blossoms, creating a sensory journey that’s both enjoyable and invigorating. Enhanced by the uplifting essence of oatstraw, the tea promises a grounding experience that aligns with your well-being goals. The rich and captivating aroma of this blend, heightened by the distinct fragrance of chamomile and the robust scent of roses, immediately captivates the senses, preparing you for a serene and joyful tea-drinking experience. The invigorating hints of citrus zest add a lively touch, while the lavender finale leaves you with a burst of delightful scents and an overall sense of well-being. This tea is not just a beverage but a beautiful, soul-nourishing ritual that promotes positivity and encapsulates the essence of wellness in every sip.

About the Crystals: 

  • Rose Quartz: Enhances love, compassion, and self-care, aligning well with the calming and gentle presence of chamomile and roses in the tea.
  • Citrine: Amplifies positivity, joy, and vitality, perfectly complementing the lively and invigorating citrus zest notes in the tea.
  • Amethyst: Encourages tranquility, balance, and inner peace, harmonizing with the calming properties of lavender in the tea blend.

Recommended Brewing Instructions: Use 1 teaspoon of dried tea per 8 oz (more or less to taste and size of cup) and steep for 3-5 minutes.

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Crystal-infused tea is made here at the Crystal Vaults using a proprietary method of pyramid power to focus and imprint the crystals’ energy patterns into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of the tea leaves. The energy patterns of the crystal are the results of its subtle alteration and focus on the Universal Life Force. In the production of our teas, the focusing and preservation energy of a gold and copper pyramid made to the same proportions and angles as the Great Pyramid of Cheops focuses the crystals’ energy pattern, potentializes it and infuses it into the tea leaves. The patterns are manifested in the tea’s interaction with a living entity. The energy matrix of the crystals will be fully realized when drinking the tea.