Lyrids Meteor Shower Energy Bag


Description: This is our exclusive and potent Lyrids Meteor Shower Energy Bag. They are very limited in number and in high demand as we can only make them once a year.

Every year between April 16 and  April 25, the Lyrids meteor shower is visible. This cosmic event typically reaches its peak on April 22nd. This energy bag will go through our Ceremony during the peak of the Lyrids Meteor Shower to capture its cosmic energy. You can read more about the event and this bag below.

What you’ll receive:

  • Lyrids Meteor Shower Bound Energy Token
  • Herbs (mint, rose, eucalyptus, and honeysuckle)
  • Vial of Activation Oil

Why Do I Need this Energy Bag?

The Lyrids bring the energy of enjoyment, relaxation, and discovery.

Do not underestimate the value of the energy of the Lyrids. We all sometimes struggle with finding time to enjoy life, getting worked up and stressed, and seemingly lost. We all face difficulties and need a “star to guide us,” or in this case, the energy of the radiating star cluster and the energy it bestows during the annual mid-April Lyrids Meteor shower.

You will find yourself exploring new discoveries, and your energy is stimulated when you keep this bag with you and keep it active and alive each week.

How Do I Use The Energy Bag?

Activate your Lyrids Meteor Shower Energy Bag whenever you need to relax, balance yourself, find enjoyment, and open an eye to discovery. The power of it will last for 7 days at a time.

Items Needed:


  1. Open your spell bag and add one drop of activation oil. Add in any crystals to help strengthen the energy of the bag (optional).
  2. Close the spell bag. Put on your Pendant of Insight.
  3. Speak the activation phrase: “I am grateful for every opportunity to discover new things and the ability to enjoy arts.”

You can repeat this process up to 7 times for a total of 7 weeks of serenity, balance, enjoyment, and discovery whenever needed.

Source: Crystal Alchemists & Crystal Masters of Crystal Vaults

Size: The bag is 3 x 4 inches. The token is approximately the size of a quarter. The oil is in a 3ml dropper bottle.

Primary Uses: This is a powerful personal talisman. Activate it for 7 days at a time whenever you need to relax, balance yourself, find enjoyment, and open an eye to discovery.

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Add Turquoise Colored Crystals crystals, such as Larimar, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, or Amazonite, to strengthen the bag. 

What is a Lyrids Meteor Shower Energy Bag?

Once a year, the energy of the Lyrids Meteor Shower is captured and bound to a special token encased in a proprietary mixture of herbs in this Lyrids Meteor Shower Energy Bag. This bag is ready to be activated with appropriate crystals, the special Lyrids Meteor Shower conjure oil, and the activation phrase.

This a Fire Energy conjure bag of considerable magic that both men and women can use to make life much more pleasant daily. You see, the meteors’ energy originates in the Lyre Constellation, the constellation of poetry, music, song, comfort, ease, pleasure, and easy enjoyment of the arts.

If you could take your feelings of listening to your favorite music, visiting your favorite museum or garden, seeing your favorite play or movie, and combine those feelings, you would understand the magic of the energy and magic of these Lyrids Meteor Shower Energy Bags of Restful Enjoyment.

Named after the constellation Lyra, the Lyrid Meteor Shower is one of the oldest recorded meteor showers—according to some historical Chinese texts, the shower was seen over 2,500 years ago. The fireballs in the meteor shower are created by debris from comet Thatcher, which takes about 415 years to orbit around the Sun. The comet is expected to be visible from Earth again in 2276.

The color energy of the Lyrids is turquoise. Turquoise is the Color Ray of Discovery and the Color Ray of Balance. Its vibrations help you find yourself and return to equilibrium in your life and feelings.

During the peak of the Lyrids, we capture that energy for you, potentialize it, and bind it to a conjure token. This token is then encased in a small drawstring bag of select herbs to nurture the energy of the bound energy token. This bag needs only appropriate crystals to realize its full potential to bring the calming enjoyment of life energy of the Lyrids to your life.

When you get your bag, add a few turquoise-colored crystals to it. Also, add any crystals that make you feel relaxed and at peace. Then add a drop or two of the Lyrids Activation oil and state your desire that when you hold this bag, you will feel a reading energy of calm enjoyment and contentment. Close up the bag and put it where you can access it. Do not let others touch or view it if possible.

This bag can be a constant companion, but we suggest you use it occasionally when you feel the need to relax and enjoy yourself in a comforting way.

Then each week, open the bag and add a drop of the special Lyrids Oil to feed the energy and keep it alive.

More About the Herbs Included

Mint: Mint increases the vibrations in a space or in spells, making it an ‘enhancement’ herb in many rituals. It enhances the energy of spells and rituals and promotes energy within, increasing thoughtful communication and vitality. Mint encourages one to conserve energy. In times of low stress, relax, meditate, and focus on positive things. Energy is valuable, and we as humans do not have an unlimited amount of it. Conserve it for when you need it most, and you may find that you will significantly reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Also, with your energy and attitude at appropriate levels, you may find a greater level of success in your projects and at work. 

Rose: Roses are useful in emotional healing by bringing feelings of love. This love is meant to grow and increase within your life. It can be love for others such as friends, family, or a romantic partner or love for yourself. Roses bring emotional healing by increasing love in any area of your life that you choose.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is used to bring fresh energy to a situation, to heal regrets and worries, and to relieve mental exhaustion. It is often blended with other healing herbs to relieve physical or emotional concerns. It removes negative influences from the immediate surroundings. It can also be used for bringing joy, helping to overcome blockages, and reconciling difficulties in relationships.

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle brings happiness and enjoyment.