Fast Money Pocket Ritual Kit



Do you need money NOW?  

Are funds running low?

Is inflation jumping up to drain the wallet too fast?

We all seem to be living in a world gone a bit mad… Gas at $5 or more…. what???

While the world seems out of control, it isn’t helping with our finances.

Now we need help. We need cash, and we need it now. It is time to see if the Universe can come to our aid.

This is a great portable ritual to help when you need money fast.

The good part is you can take it anywhere and use it whenever necessary.  

Now you can take your crystal and herbal magic with you anywhere.  This Pocket Ritual for Fast Money is a complete crystal ritual in a self-contained travel case, and the case is the workplace allowing the ritual to be performed anywhere easily.  

The kit contains a tea light, 4  “Money” stones of Green Aventurines, 4 “Riches” stones of golden Citrines,  a packet of Fast Money herbs, a wooden intention disk,  a vial of oil, and instructions. Read the simple instructions below (they are included in the kit, too).

Size: 5.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch tin window container. Up to 1/4 inch crystals. Approximately .2 oz of herbs. The droppers are 3 ml.

Primary Uses:  This Fast Money Pocket Ritual is your travel companion to easily bring the magic of crystals and herbs to your life and bring the wealth and prosperity you seek.

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How to use this kit for Fast Money:

Remove the items from the kit, and close the lid to use the case as your platform.  Put a few drops of the Fast Money  oil on the candle, then spread a pinch or two of the Fast Money herbs on the candle to dress it for the ceremony. Place the wooden disk in the center of the lid as an insulator for the candle in case it burns down and gets too hot.

Next, place the dressed candle in the middle of the top of the case on the wooden disk.  Then arrange the four Green Aventurines around the candle in a square (for Earth energy).   Now at the corners of the lid, place the four Citrines to attract wealth; this completes the setup and prepares it for a simple candle lighting ceremony.

The ritual is one of simply lighting the candle with the expressed, focused intention of seeking fast money (you must specify exactly what you wish.)   For example, you might say, “I see the power of the Universe for the money to get my car fixed.”  Hold the thought and watch the flame.    If you wish, add a few more pinches of the banishing herbs to the candle from time to time.

After a few minutes, you can extinguish the candle and put your ritual kit away to reuse. When you want to repeat the ritual, just add the oil and herbs each time you repeat the ritual and change the intention to what you desire.  You can easily replace the candle and use the ritual kit for many years.