Lunar Eclipse Spell kit


Description: Full Lunar Eclipse Spell Kit

This is a small travel version of the Crystal Vaults’ Crystal Master’s Full Lunar Eclipse altar and spell.  In a perfect travel tin contains three Stibnite wands, three Rainbow Moonstones, the center spell tea light, a packet of sage to dress the tea light, four aquamarines, an eclipse altar card, and a simple instruction card. 

These spell kits are limited to the supply on hand as they are aligned during our Full Lunar Eclipse Ceremony of the Renewal. 

What is this all about? 

Imagine that a hand reaches down from the heavens and moves you from an emotional state that is not what you need to exactly where you want to go to feel like the real you. That is what a lunar eclipse can do. During a lunar eclipse as the shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the moon we find a time of the culmination of emotional cycles that have run their course.

The time of the eclipse and for about 3 months after is a powerfully spiritual time of renewal, particularly of natural endings of cycles of emotions that are interfering with our life and spirit.

Here at the Crystal Inner Circle we are powerfully aware of these currents and we have a very special ceremony we only perform during a full Lunar Eclipse.

This ceremony is one of passage, of cleansing, and of the rebirth of the spirit.  With this travel kit, we also offer the opportunity to join in this ceremony  and actually take the ceremonial magic home if you wish and extend the benefits for years to come.  You can easily just replace the tea light and eventually add some more sage in this kit.  . You have real magic and it can be renewed as needed. 

The ceremony that aligned these kits  is to be conducted by Master Erynn during the eclipse.


Size: 5.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch Tin window container.


Primary Uses:  This spell/portable altar is used to renew the energy of renewal and and rebirth of your spirit.

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