Worm Moon Water of New Beginnings, Success, and Awakening


Description: As the last full moon of winter, the Worm Moon is a time of Hope fulfilled. In this special “Moon Water of Hope Fulfilled,” we have used the finest herbal and crystal energies to combine with the power of the full moon to create an elixir of wonder and power of awakening joy, and anticipation of the warmth of success, and accomplishment.

The Worm Moon, the last moon of the Winter celebrates the emerging activity of spring. The earthworms begin to turn the soil, and the earth prepares for the coming of Spring in a few weeks. This is the herald of Spring and the return of the Goddess Persephone. The lingering effects of the Snow Moon are still present, but the hope, the anticipation, the awakening, the impatience for the warmer weather, and the beginning of the growing season are palatable. Our patience has grown thin.

Enough… we see hope and we are ready. Gardens need to be planted. The pile of seed catalogs is already growing… This is the time of preparation, hope, and awakening.

The Worm Moon is the moon of hope fulfilled. For just as the worms begin to turn over the ground once again, and the flowers are just weeks away…. so too can our hopes be fulfilled as we too “turn over the ground” to make them real.

The “Hopes Realized” Moon Water of the Worm Moon is a special treat. Created on the night of the Worm Moon using the most optimistic and joyful crystal essences, this creation is a perfect addition to your self-care rituals of mind and body.

This is the strong Yin energy of hope being realized. We all hope for many things in our lives. Now is the time to immerse yourself in the Universal Energy of Hopes Realized. No telling what might just come true. Go for it. It is almost Spring. The flowers will come up, the days will get warmer, and we know our hopes are coming to fruition. Be a part of the joy and anticipation, buck up your spirit, and start to see hope as a path to happiness.

When you purchase this Moon Water, you will receive a free copy of our updated digital guide – The Magic of Moon Water. 

Source: Crystal alchemists of Crystal Vaults

Size: 30ml bottle containing approximately 600 drops

Uses: The easiest way is to take three or four drops and apply them to your wrists and then rub them together each morning while you focus your attention on the thought – “I see the beginning of what I have hoped for and dreamed of coming to me. I am determined to achieve what I plan today.”

The Moon Water is not made or sold for internal use. This is magical moon water to use in cleaning and charging crystals, on ceremonial altars, in healing sessions, and for other magical uses. It will be perfect for enhancing crystals to use on grids, in healing regimes, or on ceremonial altars. For Crystal Masters, it is perfect to add to your other water elementals for ceremonial use.

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Moon Water Background

One of the oldest spiritual and cultural traditions associated with the Moon is the collection and use of “Moon Water”. It is believed by many that Moon Water appropriately collected is charged with special lunar energies and can be used in a wide variety of spiritual and cultural activities and rituals.

Moon Water is believed to be an enormously energetic conduct of the Moon’s energy that can help us feel in ‘flow’ with the Universe and supercharge our life force. It is used to aid in manifesting desires and help them become reality. It seems to do this through its subtle influences on our subconscious and spirit. Properly made, it can amplify your intentions and bring your body, mind, and spirit together in the quest for your desires.

What is Moon Water? In a simple answer: it is water that is subjected to the Moon’s influences purposefully. A bit more precise answer is:

Moon water is a subtle energy conduit of feelings, emotions, intuition, and spiritual directions derived from the influence of the moon as it transits the zodiac focusing the subtle energies of the various sections of the heavens shaped by the intentions, desires, personality, and emotional state of the maker and the subtle energies of crystal and herbal influences brought to bear during its creation.