Leonids Meteor Shower Energy Bag


Description: This is our exclusive and potent Leonids Meteor Shower Energy Bag. They are very limited in number and in high demand as we can only make them once a year.

What you’ll receive:

  • Bound Energy Token
  • Herbs
  • Vial of Activation Oil

What is a Leonids Meteor Shower Energy Bag?

Once a year, the energy of the Leonids Meteor Shower is captured and bound to a special token encased in a proprietary mixture of herbs in this Leonids Meteor Shower Energy Bag. This bag is ready to be activated with appropriate crystals, the special Leonids Meteor Shower conjure oil, and the activation phrase.

This meteor shower, caused by the remnants of the Comet Tempel-Tuttle, originates in the Constellation Leo. It is a shower of Fire energy that brings warmth, boldness, and confidence and offers the energy you need to express yourself fully, to be your true self, and to move through the world the way you’ve always wanted to. Combining the meteor’s fire energy with the Leo Constellation’s fire energy brings a very potent, almost high energy force field to the earth as the meteors rain down their energy to us.

The color energy of the Leonids is regal, authoritative gold. Gold is the color of command, riches, nobility, leadership, and wonder. It is a color of power and confidence. It is the perfect color to capture and magnify the energy of the Leonids.

In the energy of the Leonids, you will find the courage and confidence you seek, the energy to reignite your faith in yourself, and the power to make you believe once again you might do something wonderful with your life after all.

During the peak of the Leonids, we capture that energy for you, potentialize it, and bind it to a conjure token. This token is then encased in a small drawstring bag of select herbs to nurture the energy of the bound energy token. This bag needs only appropriate crystals to realize its full potential to bring the energy of the Leonids to your life.

Add crystals associated with the sign Leo, such as Quartz, Pyrite, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and Carnelian, to strengthen the bag.

Then each week, open the bag and add a drop of the special Leonids Oil to feed the energy and keep it alive. Repeat the phrase “Universal Mind, bring me the energy of leadership, warmth, boldness, and confidence, and offer me the energy I need every day to express myself fully, be true to myself and my beliefs and move through the world the way I have always wanted to.” as you add the oil.

Do not share this energy bag with others. Keep it with you and keep it out of sight. You will find your confidence and energy are stimulated when you keep this bag with you and keep it active and alive each week.

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Herb Contents: basil, rosemary, verbena, and ginger

Source: Crystal Alchemists & Crystal Masters of Crystal Vaults

Size: The bag is 3 x 4 inches. The token is approximately the size of a quarter. The oil is in a 3ml dropper bottle.

Primary Uses: This is a powerful personal talisman of leadership, success, and confidence.

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More Information

Basil: Basil is an herb that will aid in building enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for everyday life, especially during those days when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Basil sparks inspiration and the eagerness to achieve your life goals and get your back into your groove. Use Basil to add a little bit of zest and gusto back into your life. A spell that utilizes Basil is said to attract love or bring luck in physical journeys. If you carry a Basil leaf in your pocket, it is said to attract money and wealth.

Rosemary: Rosemary is an herb of strength, setting priorities, concentration, and focusing on the completion of future goals. This is an herb of persistence and dynamic creativity. Its energies encourage you to think outside of the box, being creative and innovated, but also to focus and be decisive with your decisions.

Verbena: Vervain, more commonly known as Verbena, can be used in magical purposes for taking action, providing strength, creativity, and making a difference. It can help to bring encouragement for the best outcomes of the future, setting priorities, and aligning ourselves with our best futures. 

Ginger: Ginger is an herb of finding unity in diversity, respecting individuality, creating an atmosphere of tolerance, and helping people work together in harmony. This is an herb of understanding and acceptance. Its energies encourage you to support the uniqueness of others, providing rules and structure that help individuals work cohesively together. Considered an herb of the Fire Element, Ginger adds a fiery kick to any spell or ritual. Use Ginger to amplify the power of your intention and will as well as to bring in the energies to help your spell succeed.