Mansion of the Wind Crystal Kit


Description: This crystal kit has been specially designed by our Certified Crystal Alchemist to bring you the energies of the Mansion of the Wind to your life. It is primarily used each month as the Moon visits the twenty fourth Mansion of the Moon, the Mansion of the Wind.

The Mansions of the Moon are the 28 divisions of the Zodiac that the moon transits in its 28-day orbit of the Earth.  The moon brings a special energy to us from each mansion. If you want to track the Moon and understand its effects on your spirit and life – get your Daily Crystal Horoscope kit.

As the moon transits the twenty fourth Mansion, it is time to be a bit more flexible in your life and to take a chance or two on a new experience. With a strong belief in yourself and the benign nature of the Universe today, try something different and make an effort to take it on with a healthy dose of adventure.

There is always room for better in the life of good enough. Today just look in a few areas of your life and see if perhaps there is a “better” around a corner somewhere.

It contains a set of Rutilated Quartz, Howlite, Blue Chalcedony, Prehnite, and Clear Quartz stones.

Size: Set of five stones. Size of the stone varies between 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. 

Primary Uses:  This kit is formulated to help you become more flexible to adapt to the changes that life brings. Most of us are all creatures of habit and when we have worked to get our lives, our homes, and our spirits “just so” we do not like them disrupted. We do welcome a cool breeze on a hot day, (minor variations ) but the gales of windstorms (major disruptions to our lives) are never welcome.

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