Moon Activation Grid Kit


Description: This kit includes a full-color grid, 3 special crystals, instructions, and a special Activation Spray.

This grid kit is used extensively by our crystal masters as they work with lunar energies making elixirs, essences, conjure products, sleep aids, relaxation crystal baths, and more.

The kit uses the inherent energy of the moon and the energy of the three crystals on a special grid. It will focus that energy on any object placed in the center of the grid in appropriate moonlight. This is a very useful grid.

You can not only charge crystals but talismans, objects, special elixirs and powders, and more. Now we all know that crystals are charged with positive energy from the Sun. But the spiritual energy of the moon, particularly the full moon brings the energy of the Moon Goddesses, like Selene and Luna, and the particular energy of the current Mansion of the Moon to objects on the grid.

If you are seeking the astrological energy of the moon in a particular Mansion or Zodiac sign or its new moon, waxing moon, full moon, or waning moon energy, or you wish the blessings of one or more of the spirits and goddesses of the Moon, use this grid and it’s special design and crystals. It is easy to use. It consists of a grid and three crystals: Selenite (named for the Goddess Selene), Moonstone (steeped in the historical traditions of Moon energy, and Luna Rose Quartz an exciting new moon energy stone from Africa. It brings new millennium energy to augment the traditional moonstone.

Selenite is celebrated for the transparency and ethereal radiance its crystals provide. Like the moon, it reflects a pure beam of white light into any environment in which it rests, possessing the unique power to cleanse and brighten crystals that are out of balance with negative energy.

Moonstone is foremost a talisman of the inward journey, taking one deep into the self to retrieve what is missing, the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten, then brought to light.

The Luna Quartz is a new kind of lunar energy stone from Namibia that consists of Rose Quartz and Graphite. This stone carries with it the special delicate feminine energy of the moon that provides light and purity.

The kit uses the traditional lunar energy, the energy of the special crystals, and special water energy from a special moon elixir in combination to bring powerful Yin energy to your crystals, herbs, talismans, and more.

Size:  The grid is 6 x 8 inches.

Primary Uses:  This kit is designed to be used to bring Lunar Energy from the Lunar spirits and or from the Moon’s influence in the Zodiac to your stones, crystals, talismans, and more.  It can be used when the moon is visible and has the most power when the moon is at or near the Full Moon.

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It is easy to use:
1. First, place your grid somewhere outside in the moonlight.
2. Place each stone on each point of the triangle. Ask the Universe to bring the energy of the Moon to your grid.
3. Lightly mist any object you wish to charge in this grid.
4. Place that object in the middle of the grid and let sit overnight.
5. In the morning, carefully remove your charged item, and carefully close up and store your grid and stones.