Variscite Pear Cabochon


Description: This is a beautiful Variscite Pear Cabochon. Variscite is a hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral. It typically ranges from light to dark green, often with veins or matrix patterns of white, brown, or other colors running through it.

Size:  34 x 18 x 6 mm.  Weighs 5.6 grams.   (1.3 x .7 x .2 inches. Wt: .2 ounces.)

Primary Uses: Variscite is a stone of emotional healing and spiritual growth. Known for its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, Variscite promotes a sense of tranquility and inner peace, opening and activating the heart chakra to foster feelings of love and compassion. It aids in clear communication and honest expression of emotions while stimulating creativity and inspiring new ideas. Variscite’s gentle vibrations facilitate deeper meditation, enhancing spiritual awareness and providing insight into higher realms of consciousness. Additionally, it is believed to have physical healing properties, particularly benefiting the nervous system and supporting overall well-being.

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  • Variscite is a Dispeller Buffer Crystal. Dispeller crystals are used as amulets to rid you of elements of your life you no longer want. Physically, Dispellers are a good choice when you wish to rid your life of pain, discomfort, injury, illness, or disease. However, a note of caution is needed. Remember, crystals have the ability to focus and magnify your power. They are not magic rocks. Seek professional medical advice for physical ailments. The Buffers are excellent at restoring the natural balance in situations that have become unstable. They can help you restore equilibrium in your life.
  • The color turquoise is a blending of the cold winter blue ray of Trust with the approaching warm green ray of Growth. It is the color of the earth as new growth and life emerge at the first hints of spring. It is a fresh color, a welcome color, and a color that moves us to serenity knowing that the cycle of life is progressing rapidly. It is the color of the natural birthstones of those born as spring begins (20 March to 19 April). Variscite is one of the natural birthstones of people born in early Spring from 20 March through 19 April.
  • In lighter shades, such as in this Variscite, turquoise color energy is transformed into the power of inner harmony and peace through spiritual realization. To know one’s place in the worlds of man and nature use light turquoise rays to find the right balance. Use this stone to connect your physical being to your spiritual one when you seek balance and tranquility in your life.