Aligned Goddess Stone


Description: Natural Menilite Goddess Stone. Goddess Stones bring the ancient energy of the Goddesses. We have written a guide to bringing the power of the Divine Feminine into your life, and understanding the many aspects of the Goddess. You will find the Guide to Goddess Crystals here. You will receive the exact item shown.

Size: 132.23 x 45.42 x 13.70 mm. Weighs 98 grams. (5.2 x 1.8 x .5 inches. Wt: 3.5 ounces.)

Primary Uses: The Goddess Stones of Mother Earth are rich in power and magic. They have a long history of helping us focus our thoughts and prayers. Through their ability to focus and amplify our power of concentration, they have found a valuable place in the practices of meditation and ritual. The use of minerals and crystals in rituals associated with Goddesses and the glory of the Divine Feminine has a long history in many cultures.

The Divine Feminine is an ancient concept found in many of the oldest cultures of the world. From the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” with Isis, Nuit, and other Goddesses to the recent popularity of “The Da Vinci Code”, the feminine role has been prominent in legends, religions, and belief systems. These stones are rich in Feminine Energy.

Female Empowerment Alignment: During the ultra-rare lunar occultation of Mars on December 7th and into the early morning hours of December 8th, this crystal will be aligned while the Cold Moon occults Mars and shines her bright, beautiful light upon us. This will create very potent stones of female empowerment, strength, and confidence. No woman should be without one. They will be the ultimate talismans of the Moon Goddess herself.

These crystals will be wonderful talismans for every woman. They will bring the confidence, courage, and strength to take her rightful place in the world. You can carry them with you, meditate with them, or place them by your bedside to gain their power and healing while you sleep.

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Quick Healing Overview: Goddess Stones are also known as Fairy Stones or Menalite (Menilite). They have a very helpful spiritual energy that supports women. Goddess Crystals are very nurturing crystals. They bring warmth and protection. They are natural stones – yet seem to have a supernatural capability to make you feel protected and loved.

Birthstone & Zodiac Uses: Goddess Stones are not a traditional birthstone. It is also not associated with a color birthstone. Goddess Stones are often associated with Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Uses in Meditation: Goddess Stones may help you communicate with your spirit guides while you are meditating.
For Chakra Balancing: Goddess Stones are associated with the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is located below the navel and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. It controls the flow of energy and is the center of gravity of the body. When it is out of balance the symptoms will manifest themselves as confusion, over-dependency on others, repression of feelings, inability to feel joy, fear of sensuality or sex, and frustration and bitterness.

Crystal Color Energy: Goddess Stones utilize white color energy. White is the color of the feminine gender, manifested as the Goddess in many cultures, and, as such, the color of the world of birth, and regeneration. It is a cool color of the night, the sleeping world, and it offers us the best guide to the hidden world beyond understanding, just as the moon is our only illumination in the dark world of night.

Associated Goddesses: This Goddess Stone is the one stone used to honor every Goddess (and every woman.) Keep one in your bedroom, and one in your car. They will bring nurturing, warmth, and love. We particularly find them suitable for honoring Gaia, the Earth Mother.

Feng Shui Uses: Goddess Stones contain metal elemental energy. Metal energy is the energy of intelligence, contraction, healing, and creativity. It is the energy of togetherness and crystallization – of ideas, concepts, and of groups. Metal energy is traditionally associated with the northwest and west areas of a home or room.

Uses in Divination: Goddess Stones improve divination, forecasting, and intuition. It deepens the connection to goddesses and feminine energy.

Talisman Energy: Goddess Stones are talismans of good luck, good health, safety, and grounding.
What Other Crystal Authors Think: Judy Hall, in Crystal Bible 2, reports that these stones enhance divination and forecasting. She finds they connect you to the power of the Priestess. She also notes they are particularly useful for rebirth and rejuvenation. She also reports them to be Shamanic stones useful in rituals involving honoring Mother Earth.