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18 x 24 inch poster – The Great Wheel of Life: Heavy duty laminated poster depicting the interrelationships of the many cycles of your life – find your natural birthstone, the colors of your birth and the crystals that govern your current age, the astrological sign governing your stars, your spirit totem and more… All in one integrated, completely researched Wheel of Life. Not available anywhere else. Exclusive to the Crystal Vaults. Now know which colors of crystals you need and when to use them. It comes complete with a six section illustrated fold out guide, packed in a mailing tube to arrive in perfect condition.

Your guide to the cycles of colors and their meanings, the cycles of the day, the cycles of the seasons, the solstices, and equinoxes,, your spirit totems, your astrological sign, your natural birthstone colors, your chakra energy centers, and the element that guides your birth and life.

NOTE:  Click here to find our  complete guide to using the Color Wheel.

It has a very extensive video for you to fully understand how to interpret and use the wheel.  It is a fully illustrated guide and free to use anytime.

Author: Henry Mason, Crystal Vaults

Size: 18 inches by 24 inches, heavy, coated poster.

Primary Uses: This Great Wheel Poster is the results of extensive research into the cycles of colors, and their meanings to our minds. It encompasses and integrates the cycles of nature and shows how they are interrelated. It charts the path of the earth in its daily cycle and in its orbit of the sun. It shows you what astrological and spirit totems guide your life both at your birth, and now. It tells you what chackra is governing your life, and what phase of life you are in. It will show you where you are, where the earth is, and how you relate. It shows you how the time of the day, the flow of the seasons, our celebrations, the changing colors of the earth all cycle in unison with our lives and spirits. It shows you how to live, grow, and evolve with the ever cycling natural universe.

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The cycles of life on earth – the daily cycle of the earth rotating on it’s axis, the annual cycle of the earth around the sun, giving us the seasons, and the cycles of the visible colors of the rainbow from red to violot – all move in harmony.

The day traditionally starts at midnight, the year at the Winter Solstice, and the colors start at one of end of the rainbow. When each of these points is aligned, the unity of the cycles becomes apparent. At the top of the wheel you see the alignment of the cycles. The alignment continues as each part of each cycle follows around the Wheel of Life.

The alignment puts the cycle beginning at the north. Midnight is the time most away from the sun, as the north is the direction (in the northern hemisphere) most away from the sun.

You can also see in this close up the alignment of the Astrological signs, (Sagittarius in the picture), the Native American Birth Totem (here the Goose), the Prevailing Wind (Boreos the north wind) and the colors of the color wheel that align with the months (here Violet and Amethyst).


The wheel continues to cycle, moving in a counterclockwise direction, the direction of the rotation of the earth around its axis as seen looking down from the above the north pole.

The Great Wheel as it moves illustrates additional elements of life. The Equinoxes and Solstices are shown. Here in the close up you can see the alignment of Dawn, The Vernal Equinox, and the East where the sun rises.

In this closeup also notice the alignment and depiction of the astrological sign (Pisces) the Native American Birth Totem (wolf), the color of this time of the year (blue) and the prevailling wind (Eurus, the east wind)


The wheel center is a summary of the colors that rule our lives as they move around the wheel of life. The colors start with the dark violets of winter, progress to the blues and the greens of spring, on to the bright yellows and oranges of summer, and then into the deeper reds of fall.

The wheel illustrates the uses and meanings of the colors. The passion of red, the magic of violet, the success and power of gold, and the new birth and life of the greens; all are illustrated for ease of reference.

Every crystal sold at the Crystal Vault is described using the meanings found on the Great Wheel. The uses of the crystals match the wheel. If you are looking for Enlightenment you need a yellow crystal.

chakra alignment

The wheel also depicts the alignment of the chakra energy centers of the body. This allows you to understand which energy center is governing your life at any given time. It also helps you to choose crystals that will help you clear and align your energy flow.

In this closeup you can see the alignment of the Sacral Chakra with the time of late August, the Bear totem, Virgo, and the color orange.


Each of the four ancient elements is also depicted and aligned with the time of year, astrological signs, and chakras. The traditional symbols for the four elements are also shown.

For magick users, you will notice that poster is consistent with the four watchtowers in the Great Table. The upper left is the Elemental Tablet, Air, The upper right is the Elemental Tablet of Water. The lower left is the Elemental Tablet of Earth, and the lower right is the Elemental Tablet of Fire.

There is a special cycle depicted on the Great Wheel. It is the cycle of the human life on earth. It begins at Dawn, and Spring. If you look carefully you will see small white numbers circling the wheel. In this picture you can see 8, 16 and 24. These are your age. You move around the wheel too. Each time of your life is aligned with the cycles of the day, the season, and the colors of life. You have a time of Growth, a time of Renewal, and Awakening. You move in your cycle within the natural cycle. You are a part of nature too.

You can use the wheel to understand where you are in the cycle of life, and what signs, symbols, and colors you are now goverened by.


The Great Wheel Poster is a work of art, and a work of very considerable research. You will find it facinating, educational, and thought provoking. It will show you how to align yourself, your life, and your needs with the natural world.