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Questions & Answers

We asked you what questions you had about crystals. We've picked out several to address in this email but we will be answering more soon! Do you have a question you want to ask our crystal experts? Click here to send it in.

Which crystals are the best for a back pain and how to use, charge and cleanse them?

Answer: We must caution that we cannot in any way prescribe treatment for physical ailments. That requires a medical license. Our state is quite adamant that to practice medicine without a license is taboo. What we can do is tell you what we find in the literature.

Pain is a phenomenon of the body and mind. We all experience it differently and there is an infinite number of levels of pain one can experience.

We cannot tell you that any crystal will make your back physically better. We can tell you that you can reduce the effects with many regimes that augment professional care.

One good way is the use of Larimar or Blue Chaldendony elixirs and stones. The method is simple but effective for many.

We suggest the use of Apatite, it is a stone that helps us seek balance and flexibility. We highly suggest the use of the new shape of massage wand like the Apatite Massage Wand. You will need a partner of some sort. You can use this wand on either the bare skin of your back or through light clothing.

Have your partner start with a gentle stroke up and down just to the left and right of the backbone. This should last 3-5 minutes. Every minute or so increase the pressure slightly. The patient should be either sitting leaning forward or laying down. A quiet place, gentle music, and dim lights will all help.

Now have the person helping slowing start at the base of the neck and rub the massage wand from just near the backbone outward to the side of the back. First to the left, then the right. Go down about an inch and repeat until at the waist then start back up.

Now alternate these two strokes - the vertical on both sides of the backbone, and the horizontal ones from the backbone to the side of the back a few times.

This will bring the energy of the Apatite, its gentle blue/green tranquility to your back, and your spirit.

As for your question on how to cleanse and prepare the wand, my eBook Preparing Crystals has the answers. It is fully illustrated and exactly what you need. It is not expensive and is easy to read and understand.

Hello! How can crystals and such protect me and my family more?

Answer: Protection is a wide field. If you seek physical protection we go down one trail, if it's spiritual protection we go down another. If it is financial we use other crystals. For the purpose of this answer, let's assume physical protection. Now realize that crystals are not much use against real physical force, but they can be used as a barrier against ill will, evil intent, and negativity.

We use a Home Protection Grid for this use and in our homes.

The grid is based on the protective circle. The Focus stone attracts the Universal Life Force to the grid. The Focus stone is a Clear Quartz point. Clear Quartz has the ability to gather the Universal Life Force and pass it uncolored to the paths of the grid.

The Way stones amplify and modify the energy of the grid. This grid's Way stones are Sodalite. The deep indigo ray of this stone provides protection from harm. Sodalite is also an emotional protector and one in the spirit world.

The Desire stones transmit the energy of the grid to you. The Desire stones are Onyx. This is a powerful, ancient stone of protection. It works to keep you safe and deflect any negative energies or emotions being projected to you.

The grid is easy to set up and move and not expensive

What are the best crystals for men?

Answer: On the surface, you are asking the best crystals for half the population of the earth. There isn't one specifically.  Like all creatures, each man is different in his likes, dislikes, desires, and opinions. However, some crystals are better than others for men as they are with women.

I suggest you consider the likes and dislikes, and personality of a man when deciding what crystal to buy him.  If you are a man seeking advice, we suggest you read more about the many crystals and their uses in the Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia and see what strikes your fancy.

Our favorite crystal for men is a Picture Jasper Sphere. They are earthy, powerful, and on a simple stand, most men will like them. They are a bit expensive but will last forever and not deteriorate with age.

Some other recommendations include Carnelian (for energy, passion, and drive), Bloodstone (for strength, vitality, and perseverance), and Obsidian (for grounding, inner strength, control, and focus).

What is the best gem for clearing the mind?

Answer: We are going to assume you wish to clear your mind of worries and anxiety for this answer. If we are wrong, please ask again and tell us a bit more.

Feelings of anxiety vary, as does the cause. They can be triggered by short-term situations such as an important meeting, a doctor's appointment, or an upcoming trip. They can also long-term and triggered by stress, unhappiness with a part of your life, or a fear of change. Feelings can range from feeling blue, loss of interest, shortness of breath, muscle tension, restless feelings, feelings of impending doom, and feelings of helplessness. Dealing with feelings of anxiety can be scary and stressful. While professional help is important in severe cases, the use of crystals can be very beneficial in dealing with feelings of anxiety.

Use a turquoise-colored crystal to help overcome anxiety. Turquoise is a fresh color, a welcome color, and a color that moves us to serenity. The turquoise colored crystals help you relax, rewind, and build tolerance. When you seek to re-establish your equilibrium and get your emotions under control, use a turquoise colored crystal. In lighter shades, turquoise energy is transformed to the power of inner harmony and peace through spiritual realization. In darker, richer tones, turquoise brings us a ray of considerable power. It is the color of flexibility.

We suggest using turquoise colored crystals such as Chrysocolla which is a powerful dispeller of negative energy. It can help push the negative feels of anxiety away and calm the spirit. We also recommend Larimar which provides you inner harmony and peace, similar to Turquoise which is the most efficient healer in all aspects. Amazonite can also help you balance and rejuvenate your mind.

Any of the crystals listed here can assist you with your anxiety and feeling calmer and finding more peace within your life and clear your mind.

How do I know my crystal needs recharging if I have not used it since I recharged and cleansed it the last time after using it? Do the ones lying on my altar need regular charging?

Answer: The best way to know if a crystal needs to be charged is simply to try to use it. If it seems to be ineffective the cause can be it is low on Life Force or perhaps you are using it at an inopportune time or place.  If it is in your sacred space and has not been subjected to negativity, most crystals can be quite powerful for several months, more if they get some sunlight.  In the winter or locked away they may last a month or so, or even less if discord or negative energy is about.

If you have not used a crystal and stored it in a positive environment, trust that it will perform for several months of normal use.  If you are in doubt, place it in bright sunlight for a day. For more information, check out our Guide To Crystal Preparation.

What crystals are best to manifest desires?

Answer: The question is a good one, and I hate using my "it depends" answer but I must. We have a section of Crystal Vaults called the Crystal Reference Guide. It has over 100 entries explaining what crystals are best for manifesting certain outcomes or desires.

Here is an example - say you want to manifest artistic expression: Here is an excerpt.

"There wouldn't be a crystal better for artistic inspiration than Amethyst crystal itself. Amethyst's ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one's creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition and refines the thinking processes. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. It is a talisman of focus and success. Amethyst is a wonderful talisman for use in the creative arts, especially in darker shades. It assists endeavors where new, original results need to be created using tools and methods of the past. It is often used as the Artist's Stone, the Composer's Stone, the Inventor's, Poet's and Painter's Stones. Keep an Amethyst crystal or cluster in the area to focus and amplify the creative elements of the Universal Life Force."

Look through the guide and see if you can find which desire you're wishing to manifest. If you don't see it in the guide, write in again with your specific desires and we'll try to assist more.

I am suffering from vaginal prolapse is there a crystal that could possibly help me with that?

Answer: We offer our sympathy for your issue. We must very politely tell you that our laws in Florida are very strict and do not allow us to in any way practice medicine, And it seems here that offering advice on treating physical ailments is considered practicing medicine.

With that said, you can use crystals to help your spirit help your body, If you want to try that path, consider the use of meditation with Blue Lace Agate on a daily basis.

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