Our New Moon Ceremony + How to Participate

Selene Moon Goddess

Each month our Crystal Master Astrologers conduct a special ceremony called the Portal of Selene. While this is normally a private ceremony, we are now opening it up to participation. You are welcome to join in the ceremony each forthcoming month during the New Moon.

What is the Portal of Selene?

The portal of Selene is a unique ceremony conducted on the New Moon by the Crystal Masters of the Crystal Guild. Many cultural traditions point to this as a time of renewal and new beginnings. The New Moon is charged with intense intention-setting energy, making it a particularly good time for planning ahead and focusing on your goals. The new moon brings a lot of fresh energy to our lives and is a great time for endeavors such as starting a new job, going on a first date, or undertaking a new project. This is an optimal time for seeking the benevolence of the Universe for our projects and needs through a petition via the Moon Goddess.

Selene is the goddess of the Moon. Daughter of the titans Theia and Hyperion, Selene is the Greek Moon Goddess, also known as Luna to the Romans. Selene is honored by many cultures. She travels across the sky to help guide and protects those who find themselves in the dark. Women in particular associate with Selene, seeing in her the mystery and romance of the evening.

Current New Moon Ceremony

The next New Moon Ceremony happens on November 23rd.

This month the New Moon occurs as the Moon transits the Mansion of Steam, the mansion of power and energy, becoming a leader, having high energy, and success in difficult tasks. This is an energy we all need, and our New Moon Ceremony of “Fueling the Fires of Desire” is going to be one to remember

When the Moon transits this Mansion, we will be making powerful talismans of the Comic Energy to power your activities towards your goals, to help you reach up, strive, and make good use of every muscle and idea you have. With the talismans and crystals from this ceremony, the fire of your desires can fuel your transformation of yourself into a high-energy version of yourself. Stoke those flames today.

Crystals Going Through the Portal

NEW! We will also be passing several crystals through the Portal of Selene. These crystals will become highly energetic crystals for making things happen, becoming a leader, striving, and fueling the fires of your desires. They each offer their own unique powers to assist you in bringing this healing energy to your life.