Note: The Elemental Clan into which you are born (see Birth Totem Chart), represents which element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) that you relate to, share characteristics with, and have a personal responsibility for. Clans in this respect are not to be confused with Tribal Clans, such as family groups.

Quick Reference Guide
Stone #:    6
Moons:    Big Winds Moon, Strong Sun Moon,
and the Freeze Up Moon
Element:    Water
Colors:    Blue/Green
Crystal:    River Rock

The Frog Clan is the clan that is associated with the Element of “Water”. It is also tied in with the Big Winds Moon (Feb 19 to Mar 20), the Strong Sun Moon (Jun 21 to July 22), and the Freeze Up Moon (Oct 24 to Nov 21).

If you were born in any of these times you are a member of the Frog Clan and ruled by the element of Water.

The Frog Clan is ruled by the blue/green colors such as Turquoise. Its totem is River Rock.

The Frog Clan people also have a special closeness to Grandmother Moon, and often use Moonstone and white colored stones as totems to show their affection.

Frog Clan Stone Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
Location of The Frog Clan
on The Medicine Wheel

Members of the Frog Clan like the water. Therefore they often live on lakes and rivers, own boats, and become fishermen. They make great swimmers, life guards, and environmentalists. To them, water is indeed the elixir of life. Members of the Frog Clan, the Clan of Water, have natural skills in gently touching the emotions of others.

You may need to join the Frog Clan if you are having a difficult time dealing with stress. Just as the Element of Water, the Frog Tribe members can relax in their views of life as they "go with the flow" of their personal river of life.

You may need the energies of the Frog Clan, too, if you wish to refresh and cleanse your mind, body, and soul.

The Frog Clan, as the Elemental Clan of the Water Element, is ruled by blue/green colors, such as Turquoise.

River Flow

Stones and crystals of these hues can help you connect to the energy of the Frog Clan, and aid your efforts in relaxing and learning to go with the flow more.

These colored crystals hold special energies for the people born under the moons of this clan.

When you want to be connected to Mother Earth, use crystals and stones of blue/green color. The Frog Clan people also have a special closeness to Grandmother Moon. This means they often use white colored stones and crystals such as Moonstone as Totems to express their love and affection.

You can use white colored crystals in devotion. With blue/green crystals you can wear them, bring them into your home, and give them to others.

Once a tribe of Native Americans settled near a calm river. Before they went to explore the river, they set up the wigwams and unpacked their belongings.

Working hard the people became very thirsty, so they raced each other to the river - only to find a surprise; a frog beast was sitting on a rock, guarding his water!


The Natives asked permission to share the river, offering in return to share their food. The frog denied their request and forbade anyone from drinking or merely touching his water.

Disappointed and dehydrated, the people went days without water, damaging their immune systems, and slowly becoming ill. The Chief became very concerned with the survival of his tribe. He could not allow his people to suffer, so he went back down to the frog again, needing desperately to make a reasonable deal.

The frog did not have a care in the world about the Chief’s needs or the needs of his tribe. He demanded the Chief to leave his sight. The Chief could no longer stand the frog’s lack of sympathy and his callousness. He grabbed the frog, held him in a death grip, and glaring deep into the frog’s eyes, the Chief whispered,"This is the time of change. Decide wisely."

It was then that the frog beast suddenly transformed into his spiritual form. Rewarding the Chief for caring for his tribe so much that he was willing to fight and perhaps die in combat to save them, the frog spirit entered the Chief's staff and left embellished blue and green crystals up the sides and put his face at the top.

At this sight, the people ran toward the water and quenched their thirst. The Chief and his people named their clan after the Frog, for he was now watching over them. Many years later, the tribe was forced to relocate due to war.

Fortunately the Chief’s staff led them to a new area near a small stream. It was nothing compared to their former river but it was a new safe home. The Frog had again saved the tribe. At this stream, the people discovered river rocks.

Although obscure looking, they would take the river rocks to Frog spirit in the Chief’s staff to display their gratitude.

For Frog Clan members, use River Rock as your crystal totem.

River Rock

Keep it in your home, and keep a piece as a treasured talisman in your pocket.

As told in the above story, River Rocks were found when the Frog Clan was forced to relocate due to war. When a new river was found, river rocks were found in it. This became the totem for the Frog Clan people and it was often given as a gift of gratitude to the Frog spirit.

Frog Clan Location on the Medicine Wheel with Crystal

The people of the Frog Tribe have learned that defending your tribe is important, and they have learned that you must sometimes go with the flow of life, and accept help when needed.

Finding balance is a key strength of the Frog Tribe members. So find your own river rock, and use it with your blue/ green crystals to find your own balance and appreciation of the flow of life and love.




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