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Welcome to the Masters’ Grimoire of Magical Herbs page for Roman Chamomile. Here you will learn everything you've ever wanted to know about this herb including Roman Chamomile's magical uses,Roman Chamomile physical healing, and emotional healing properties, plus its use in meditation, Roman Chamomile lore and legends, and much more!

Introduction to Roman Chamomile


Chamaemelum nobile or more commonly known as chamomile and is a low perennial plant. It is usually found in dry fields and around gardens and cultivated grounds in Europe, North America, and South America. It is also known as Roman Chamomile, English Chamomile, Garden Chamomile, Ground Apple, Low Chamomile, Mother’s Daisy, and Whig Plant. It is a source of herbal product known as Chamomile which is the dried flowers for favoring teas and also as a fragrance for aromatherapy. 

Chamomile has flowers that resemble daisies. They consist of white petals with a prominent yellow disk center. They usually flower in June and July in the Northern Hemisphere. They have a sweet, crisp, fruity fragrance. They are often confused with German Chamomile which is diffferent and contains different chemical composition.


Extracts of the dried flower are used in hair care and skin care products. The plant is also used to flavor foods, herbal teas, perfumes, and cosmetics. It is used in aromatherapy and is believed to have calming properties that reduce stress and help with sleep issues. Chamomile essential oil contains sesquiterpenes, terpenes lactones, acetylene derivatives, and polyphenols that contribute to fragrance. 

The name and genus Chamaemelum derive from the Greek word χαμαίμηλον (chamaimēlon) that means “earth-apple” because of the scent that was similar to apple. 

The sacred number of Roman Chamomile is 26.


Roman Chamomile Magical Uses and Purposes


Chamomile (roman) can be used for tenacity, strength, self-discipline, persistence, determination, courage, perseverance, purpose, patience. 

Chamomile is a popular ingredient for many magical rituals and spells. Both Roman and German Chamomile are used for similar magical uses though they vary slightly in characteristics. 

Chamomile is used for purposes of purification and protection. It can used in incense to help sleep and meditation. Planted around a home it can ward the inhabitants against psychic and magical attacks. If you like to gamble, wash your hands with chamomile tea in order to promote good luck! In many folk traditions chamomile is known as a flower of luck. Make a garland of chamomile flowers to wear around your neck or in your hair to attract a lover, or carry some in your pocket for good fortune. 

For a banishing ritual, steep chamomile flowers in hot water and sprinkle it around the ritual space to provide a protective metaphysical barrier. You can also wash after with chamomile after the water has cooled to keep negative energies away from yourself. 

Planting chamomile near doors and windows to prevent negativity from entering a home. Blend chamomile into a sachet to carry daily to protect yourself from physical or magical danger. 

Dry chamomile flowers can be crushed and ground in a mortar and pestle can be used in incense to promote relaxation and meditation. This is especially useful when needing to be calm and centered. Blended with lavender can ensure a restful night of sleep and calming dreams. 

For candle magic, crushed dried flowers can be used to anoint and dress a green candle for money magic and black candle for banishing magic. 

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Healing with Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile Physical Health Benefits


Chamomile is used regularly in folk medicine though there is no scientific evidence that there are any genuine proven medicinal uses. Alternative medicine uses chamomile as a topical medication or inhalant for mouth and respiratory irritations. 

It is unsafe to use chamomile during pregnancy. Topical use on skin disorders may cause constant dermatitis. There are no known interactions with prescription drugs. Drinking chamomile tea may cause an adverse affect with anticoagulant drugs. 

Spiritual Healing with Roman Chamomile


Chamomile provides a sense of calm and peace. The essential oil or chamomile tea can enhance the feelings of peace and stillness, allowing us to find peace in order to go on a spiritual journey and encourage spiritual healing. 

Emotional Healing with Roman Chamomile


When feeling depressed or low on on energy emotionally, chamomile tea can provide a sense of clarity. It’s properties encourage peace and stillness, allowing emotional to stabilize and heal. 

Roman Chamomile for Chakra Healing

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Roman Chamomile is used to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus is the energy distribution center, the first of the chakras of relationships. This chakra is located between the ribcage and the navel. It controls the immune system and digestive systems. When in balance physically you have strength to fight infections, are free of allergic reactions, and are able to use the nutrients you ingest. 



Color Energy of Roman Chamomile

yellow and white flower

Roman Chamomile with its yellow and white flowers brings us the color ray of yellow and white.  The yellow color ray is happy, energetic, and optimistic. It is also wonderful for getting things organized around you and in your mind. Yellow crystals can help you communicate better with others while becoming more alert and aware.

Yellow is the color of the coming of the sun and the warmth it brings. It is the color of the bright days of early summer, and as the sun high in the sky lights up the landscape, its yellow color ray brings us the power of enlightenment, lighting up the landscape of our search for knowledge. It is the color of the summer solstice ushering in the bright time of long days, warm temperatures, and sustained vigor.


White is the color of the feminine gender, manifested as the Goddess in many cultures, and, as such, the color of the world of birth, and regeneration. It is the color of the full moon reflected on a snow-covered field. It is cold, but a sleeping cold that is inconspicuously reflecting great heat. White is the color of freedom and the color of hope.

White is often the color used for the spiritual world; one that is sensed but not seen. It offers illumination, innocence, purity, and unity. This color is one said to bring Moon energy and the ability to release you of burdensome inhibitions.


Angels Associated with Roman Chamomile

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Roman Chamomile is associated with the Angel  Michael and Risnuch.  Mikael is the Protector and Ruler of the dates October 19-23 and is associated with Libra.

Risnuch helps you while dealing with agriculture and and animals. 


Roman Chamomile and the Goddess

goddess and herbs

Roman Chamomile is associated with the Goddess Rhea - The Greek Goddess known as the Mother of Gods. She is the daughter of Gaia and Ouranos. She is known for her courage and her maternal nature. 

Roman Chamomile is also associated with Cernunnos, Ra, Helios, and other sun Gods. This is due to the flowers of chamomile resembling little golden suns. 


Roman Chamomile Birth Herb


Roman Chamomile  is the birth herb for those born on January 1, March 15, July 31, August 24, October 15.

If you were born on one of these dates, you might find that you have a particular attraction to Roman Chamomile. You may feel drawn to it. Those with the birth herb of Roman Chamomile will likely find it more powerful and intuitive to work with.


Roman Chamomile I Ching Hexagram


Chamomile (Roman) is associated with the 26th I Ching Hexagram. 

This hexagram is about Controlling Yourself. This hexagram tells us that to build character, the empowered person makes discipline a habit. When circumstances disrupt his or her habits, the empowered person’s strength of character remains. 

Keywords: tenacity, strength, self-discipline, persistence, determination, courage, perseverance, purpose, patience. 

It encourages; making and keeping a work schedule, sticking to a diet, exercising self-control, especially in areas that challenge you, practicing beneficial habits, renewing character or spirit through regular meditation, being dependable. 

It cautions against letting yourself go, living without focus or intention, giving into temptations that divert you from your goals, refusing to learn from past mistakes, claiming mastery without putting in adequate practice. 


Roman Chamomile Astrological Sign


Chamomile is associated with the astrological sign Leo. In Moon Astrology it is associated with the 3rd Mansion of the Moon, the Mansion of the Dawn.This is a time of Enlightenment and banishing darkness and dark thoughts. The energy of the Universe is that of growing hope, creativity, and courage.  It is a time of courage in the face of all our troubles and worries and the time we will find the energy to find creative solutions to our issues.  The energy of this Mansion can be called with Roman Chamomile


Uses of Roman Chamomile in Feng Shui

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The flowers of Chamomile bring us fire energy. This is the energy of inspiration, art, self expression, free will, passion, love, and beauty. Use the flower energy of chamomile in your practices to celebrate the joys of love and life. It is the happiness element and should be part of most ceremonies. 


Uses of Roman Chamomile in Talismans and Amulets


Chamomile is associated with the Mansion of the Dawn. As such, chamomile can be useful for talismans and amulets associated with the following things: ancient wisdom, anticipation, apprehension, calm, brow chakra, cheerfulness, cleanliness, constructive though, deal with despair, divine energy, enlightenment, expectations, faith deal with gloominess, hope, illumination, inner visions, inspiration, inventiveness, manifestations, deal with meanness, deal with melancholy, deal with negative thoughts, overcome negativity from others, new love, new perspectives, optimism, overcome pessimism, positive outlooks, regeneration, rejuvenation, reliability, deal with sadness, self enlightenment, serenity, deal with sorrow, spiritual awakening, sun energy, deal with tragedy, tranquility, ease worry, Yan energy, discovery, energy of awakening, contemplation, creativity, solar energy, encouragement, receptiveness, calmness, and new beginnings. 


Using Roman Chamomile in Divination

Chamomile can be used in divination by use of tea leaves. Drink a cup of chamomile tea to provide peace and clarity. Then the remaining tea leaves can be used for the purposed of divination. 


Meditation with Roman Chamomile

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The properties of chamomile promote peace and stillness. Using the essential oil or having a cup of hot chamomile tea before or during meditation can enhance the effects of grounding and exercising for peace. 


Lore and Legends of Roman Chamomile

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Roman Chamomile has been historically used in traditional medicine since the Middle Ages. European cultivation ion began in England as early as the 16th Century. The plant was first listed in the pharmacopoeia of Würtenberg as a carminative, painkiller, diuretic, and digestive aid. Joachim Camerarius was known as the first to discover and name Chamomile in Rome approximately 1598. In ancient Egypt, Chamomile was a symbol of dedication when worshipping their gods. 

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by Theresa Peters

Theresa Peters is an (almost) life-long Alaskan. She is a writer and artist for the Crystal Inner Circle and has been studying crystals and their metaphysical and magical properties since she was a teen. Living in Alaska she has grown to appreciate the magical qualities of nature and the way the effect it has on all living things.

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