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Welcome to the Masters’ Grimoire of Magical Herbs page for Red Rose. Here you will learn everything you've ever wanted to know about this herb including Red Rose's magical uses, Red Rose physical healing, and emotional healing properties, plus its use in meditation, Red Rose lore and legends, and much more!

Introduction to Red Rose


A rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa. It is in the family Rosaceae or the flower it gives. There are over three hundred species of roses and many more cultivators of them. They form a group of plants that can be erect shrubs, climbing, or trailing. Their stems often have sharp thorns or prickles. The flower varies from shape and size and also colors. Their leaves are at alternating stems. Most species are 5 to 15 centimeters long. 

The colors of the rose can range from white through yellows to reds. Most species are native to Asia with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and Northwestern Africa. Roses have a cultural significance in many different societies. They are widely grown for their beauty and fragrance. Most flowers species have five petals with each petal being divided into two distinct lobes. Roses are insect pollinated by nature. 

The name Rose comes from the Latin rosa. It is maybe borrowed from Oscan, Greek, or Old Persian. The aggregate fruit of the rose is a berry-like structure called a rose hip. Many cultivars do not produce hips. The hips of most species are red with a few being dark purple to black. Some rose hips are rich in vitamin C. They can be eaten by fruit-eating birds such as thrushes and waxwings. Finches also enjoy the seeds of rose hips. 

Rose are mainly ornamental plants grown for their flowers for gardens. Sometimes they are grown indoors. They are often used commercially in flower shops or commercial perfumery. Some are used as landscape plants. They are particularly useful as hedging or other utilitarian purposes such as game cover and slope stabilization. 

The Sacred Number of the Rose is 166.


Red Rose Magical Uses and Purposes


Roses can be used for magical purposes for many different reasons.The different colors of roses represent different things. 

 For attraction add red rose petals especially for love, pink rose peals to attract friendship, yellow to attract optimism, or orange petals to attract creativity. They can be dried as a talisman to banish harm and negativity. Decorate your home with pink roses to remind yourself to be kind. By planting them in the garden they can attract the attention and luck of the fea. They can also be used in spells to attract wealth and bring positivity. 

For magical purposes, giving red roses to a lover can bring feelings of renewed love and gratitude. It also brings feelings of unconditional love. Here is one spell that involves with Red Rose. 

Dried red roses are perfect to add to an attraction poppet. All you need to do is pick up a pretty piece of fabric. Bonus points if it is rose print or red rose print. Cut a pattern to make the poppet. You can use a goddess shape or even the shape of a gingerbread man. Stuff the poppet with dried roses along with any other love attraction ingredients that you may want. Dried rosemary, lavender or quartz all make wonderful additions. 

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Healing with Red Rose

Red Rose Physical Health Benefits

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Rose or rather the rose hips care used in medicine. This is due to their very high amount of Vitamin C. They are used in vitamins and as food supplements. Many different rose species have been used in herbal and folk medicines. Rose Chinensis is used in Chinese Traditional medicine. This and other species are used for stomach problems and are being studied for the use of controlling cancer growth cells. In pre-modern medicine, “compound of roses” is a name given to various compounds in which red roses are an ingredient. 

Spiritual Healing with Red Rose


Red rose is useful in spiritual healing when wanting more passion in a relationship or dealing with a personal sacrifice. These roses have come to be associated with the Virgin Mary in Christinianity and the search for divine love in Sufism. Having a red rose nearby while going on a spiritual journey can comfort you and increase passion in your life. 

Emotional Healing with Red Rose


Red Roses are useful in emotional healing by bringing feelings of love. This love is meant to grow and increase within your life. It can be love for others such as friends, family, or a romantic partner or love for yourself. Roses bring emotional healing by increasing love in any area of your life that you choose.

Red Rose for Chakra Healing

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Red Rose is related to the Root Chakra.

The root chakra is the first chakra sometimes known as the Base Chakra, the red chakra or Muladhara. It is located at the base of the spine and controls the kinesthetic energy for feeling and movement. It is the foundation of physical energy and spiritual energy for the body. 

When the Root Chakra is out of balance the symptoms will manifest as lethargy, feeling down, low levels of activity, low enthusiasm, and the need for constant stimulation. You may also experience lower back pain, leg pain, or have immune system issues.



Color Energy of Red Rose


Red Rose is associated with Red color energy.

The red color ray is fiery, energetic, and passionate. It can represent anger, warmth, or excitement. The color red brings us drive, determination, and inner strength. It inspires courage and to be fearless. Red is also the color energy of love and life. It motivates us. It is the color of fire and blood. It is emotionally intense and affects humans by raising our blood pressure and speeding up our metabolism. 

Red is a call to action, a battle cry, and a sign of warning! 


Angels Associated with Red Rose

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Red Rose is associated with the following angels. 

Atheniel, Guardian of the Twenty-Seventh Mansion of the Moon and Pisces.

Lehehiah, Protector of the Rules of the dates September 8 - 12 and Virgo. 

Shalgiel, Ruler of the Earth and Snow.


Red Rose and the Goddess

goddess and herbs

he Goddess associated with the Red Rose is Aphrodite. 

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love. It is believed that Aphrodite came across her lover Adonis, who was wounded by a wild boar. She used a mixture of her tears and blood which produced a red rose bush when they hit ground. Aphrodite was beautiful like a red rose, strong and alive, and it is also said that each thorn on a rose bush represents the pain that she felt for each one of her loves. 

To make a ritual bath inspired by Aphrodite to draw out love, attraction and inner beauty, follow the following steps. Place your herbs in a cloth bag or wrap it In a piece of fabric. These herbs should be your favorites or those associated with love such as dried rose petals, lavender, or rosemary. Alternatively, you can leave these herbs loose to float in the water around you as you relax. Add a few drops of vanilla oil if you wish. 

Take some deep breath and visualize the essence of beauty seeping from the red rose petals, focusing on your skin soaking in the essence. Feel the warmth radiating through your body. This bath ritual will deeply connect you with feelings of love and beauty and the Goddess Aphrodite. 


Red Rose Birth Herb


Red Rose is the birth herb for those born on

March 3, March 24, May 26, May 27, June 8, and June 21

If you were born on one of these dates, you might find that you have a particular attraction to Red Rose. You may feel drawn to it. Those with the birth herb of Red Rose will likely find it more powerful and intuitive to work with.


Red Rose I Ching Hexagram


Red Rose is associated with the 38th hexagram of the iChing

The 38th hexagram is about resolving tensions. It tells us that rather than to allow fire and water to extinguish each other, the empowered person combines the tow to produce valuable hot water and powerful steam. 

Its keywords are conflict, opposition, opponents, obstacles, blockage, reversals, negativity, antagonism, contradictions, rebellion, and competition. This hexagram encourages looking for common ground, exploring mutually beneficial options, overcoming resistance by focusing on the benefits of progress, achieving integration of opposites through slow, deliberate, and careful experimentation, and negotiating solutions. 

This hexagram cautions against resolving differences through force, attempting to smash through blockages without understanding their underlying cause, open expressions of negativity or antagonism, resisting progress for the sake of resistance alone. 


Red Rose Astrological Sign


Red Rose is associated with the astrological sign Aries. 

Aries love bold statements that also possess a sense of urgency. Any Aries is thrilled to receive fresh red roses as a gift. Red Roses are known to represent the same qualities as an Aries would possess. These qualities are boldness, adventurous, and with a strong sense of history and tradition. Aries are energetic pioneers willing to take on new challenges. 

In Moon Astrology the Red Rose is associated with the 14th Mansion of the Moon, the Mansion of the Mountains.


Uses of Red Rose in Feng Shui

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Red Rose represents fire energy in Feng Shui. 

The flowers of the Red Rose bring us fire energy. This is the energy of inspiration, art, self expression, free will, passion, love, and beauty. Use the flower energy of the red rose in your practices to celebrate the joys of life It is the happiness element and should be part of most ceremonies. 


Uses of Red Rose in Talismans and Amulets


The red rose is useful for talismans and amulets for the following purposes: agreeability, bliss, closeness, destiny, dignity, dealing with disorientation, excellence, foresight, goal setting, immortality, dealing with feelings of inferiority, dealing with feelings of mediocrity, mindfulness, mysticalness, openness, paradise, peace of mind, presence, prestige, purpose, rapture, recovery, reverence, self discipline and control, self knowledge, strength of character, universal love, virtue, wisdom, and devotion. 


Using Red Rose in Divination

Red roses are not only popular for love spells, they also raise divinatory energies and provide protection and romance. They draw good luck in matters of the heart. Using a red rose while practicing divination can aid increase the potential of these rituals and results. 


Meditation with Red Rose

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Red Rose can bring a sense of unconditional love and peace as well as protection when practices meditation. Have a red rose nearby to bring peace and a pleasant sense of feeling in a space when meditating. It can also inspire a sense of love and romance if that is your intention. 


Lore and Legends of Red Rose

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The oldest remains of roses are from the Late Eocene Florissant Formation in Colorado. Roses are present by the early Oligocene.

Today’s garden roses come from China. The Old Bush group is the most primitive.

Ornamental roses have been grown for millennia. The earliest known date of cultivation is from at least 500 BC in Mediterranean countries, Persia and China.


In the early 19th century, Empress Josephine of France encouraged and patronized the development of gardens at Malmaison. As long back as 1840 there was a collection of of over one thousand different cultivars, varieties, and species at the rosarium that was planted by Loddiges Nursery for Abney Park Cemetery. This cemetery is an early Victorian garden cemetery and arboretum in England. 

The rose is closely associated with the Goddess Aphrodite. In the Iliad, Aphrodite protected the body of Hector using “the immortal oil of the rose.”

Christianization of the Roman Empire saw the rose become a symbol for the Virgin Mary. The color and number of the roses often having symbolic meaning. The rose symbol and the creation of the rosary and other devotional prayers are inspires by the symbol of the rose.

Roses symbolized the Houses of York and Lancaster in the famous conflict known as the War of the Roses. 

Roses are a favored subject in art and appear often in portraits, illustrations, on stamps, as ornaments, or as architectural elements. 

In 1986 President Ronald Reagan signed legislation to make the rose the floral emblem of the United States. 

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by Theresa Peters

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