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Welcome to the Masters’ Grimoire of Magical Herbs page for Lemongrass. Here you will learn everything you've ever wanted to know about this herb including Lemongrass' magical uses, Lemongrass physical healing, and emotional healing properties, plus its use in meditation, Lemongrass lore and legends, and much more!

Introduction to Lemongrass

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@Hakcipta Yosri - Dibebaskan di bawah {CC-V2} ms:Imej:YosriNov04Pokok Serai.JPG

Lemongress, also known as citronella grass or Cybophogon grows to about 2 and 1/2 get. It is used in soaps, as insect repellent ( especially for mosquitos and houseflies) in insect sprays and candles, aromatherapy. The principal chemical consisting of citronella, geraniol, and citronella, are also antiseptics, hence their use in household disinfectants and soaps. It is also used for flavoring. 

East Indian lemongrass, called Cochin grass or Malabar grass, is native to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Bruma, and Thaland. West Indian Lemongrass is native to maritime Southeast Asia. Both can used interchangeable, though the West Indian species is more suitable for cooking. 

Lemongrass is also used in beekeeping as it imitates the pheromone emitted by a honeybee’s Nasonov gland to attract bees to a hive or to a swarm. 

Cymbopogon, or lemongrass, is a barbed wife grass with silky heads that is a genus of Asian, African, Australian, and other tropical island plants in the grass family. Some species, particularly Cymbophoto Citratus, are commonly cultivated as culinary and medicinal herbs due to their pleasant scent. This scent resembles that of lemons. 

The name Cymbopogon derives from the Greek work “kymbe” which means boat and “pogon” which means beard. Most of the species have hairy spikelets that project from boat like spathes. Lemongrass and its oil are bevies to possess therapeutic properties. 

Lemongrass has a Sacred Number of 26.


Lemongrass Magical Uses and Purposes


Lemongrass can be used in magical purposes for: making and keeping a work schedule, sticking to a diet, exercising self-control, especially in areas of challenge, practicing beneficial habits, renewing character or spirit through regular meditation, being dependable. 

Lemongrass is the primary ingredient of van van oil that is used by Hoodoo practitioners. It is one of the most popular conjure oils that is used. The oil of lemongrass is used on its own in Hoodoo as protection against evil, to spiritually cleanse evil from a house, and to bring good luck in love affairs. 

healing with herbs

Healing with Lemongrass

Lemongrass Physical Health Benefits


n India, the West Indian species is used both as a medical herb and a perfume. It is confused in tea for anxiety in Brazilian folk medicine but the proven studies of effectiveness have not yet been proven. It is also used in the Caribbean in a tea to boost immunity. In the Philippines it is called Tangled and can boost health benefits for the liver and kidneys. 

Lemongrass is an ancient remedy for detoxifying blood, relieving pain, and supporting red blood cell health. It can also help with healing of the skin and curing insomnia. 

Spiritual Healing with Lemongrass

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Lemongrass promotes clarity of mind and spiritual resilience. It is a mind-body herb. It can be used in aromatherapy for when there is a struggle in accomplishing goals and procrastination takes over. It can also relieve a lack of clarity and bring purpose to thoughts while keeping away interruptions. 

Emotional Healing with Lemongrass


Lemongrass can calm the spirit and ease the mind. This provides emotional centering and grounding that can be useful for promoting clear thought and a patient attitude towards struggles in life. 

Lemongrass for Chakra Healing

chakra healing

Lemongrass is used to clear blockages from and balance the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra is located near the center of the breastbone. It regulates our interaction with the external world. It controls what we embrace and what we resist. The Heart Chakra gives us the balancing ability to keep neither too aloof nor too involved in the world around us. It balances our inner being – our "self" with our environment. Shop for Heart Chakra Balancing Items +


Color Energy of Lemongrass


Lemongrass brings the energy of the Green Color Ray.  The green color ray is one of growth, beginnings, life, and renewal. It is also connected with good fortune, wealth, profit, safety, and survival. Green is the color of nurturing and a symbol of new life in all manifestations. It is also the color of fertility and renewal. You can use Lemongrass in rituals, spells, and magical items that are designed for nurturing some aspect of life. 


Angels Associated with Lemongrass

grimoire angel

Lemongrass associated with three different angels, Hahajah, Mikael, and Risnuch.  Note the relationship with Risnuch.  If you are working with your pets, consider appealing to Risnuch for help using Lemongrass.

Hahajah - Protector and Ruler of dates July 17-22; Cancer

Mikael - Protecxtor and Ruler of the dates October 19-23; Libra

Risnuch - helps you while dealing with agriculture and animals


Lemongrass and the Goddess

goddess and herbs

Lemongrass is associated with Inanna, the Sumerian mother goddess. She is known as the Queen of Heaven and divine dominion over the underworld as well as heaven. She is a fertility goddess and brings abundance to all. 


Van Van Oil

Van Van oil is a traditional conjure oil. It is the “jack of all trades,” go to oil for most uses. If you are missing an oil in almost any conjure recipe use this Van Van Oil as the substitute.


  • 6 drops Lemongrass Oil
  • 6 drops Patchoul oil
  • 6 drops Personal Secret Oil
  • 1 oz Sweet Almond Oil
  • 10 chips small pyrite crystal chips
  • 10 chips small Tiger's Eye crystal chips
  • 1 oz Lemongrass


  • Add dried lemongrass and crystal chips to a 1 oz. dropper bottle.
  • Add the essential oils.
  •  Fill the bottle almost full with almond oil.
  • ighten lid on securely and turn the bottle upside down a few times to mix. 
  • Label the bottle "Van Van Oil" and store in cool dark place


This recipe is from the Conjure Conjure Magic Cookbook .  a 300 page easy-to-follow ebook filled with guidance and directions for bringing magic to your life. 


Lemongrass Birth Herb


Lemongrass is the birth herb for those born on January 1, March 15, May 18, June 1, July 31, August 13, August 24, October 1,  and October 15.

If you were born on one of these dates, you might find that you have a particular attraction to Lemongrass. You may feel drawn to it. Those with the birth herb of Lemongrass will likely find it more powerful and intuitive to work with.


Lemongrass I Ching Hexagram


Lemongrass is associated with I Ching hexagram 26:  Controlling Yourself.  This relationship tells us that we can use Lemongrass for building tenacity, sticking to a diet, building character, making ourselves more determined in our goals, and becoming more patient and dependable.

We can use Lemongrass in efforts to avoid giving into temptations, or skipping the work needed to master something we want to do.  This relationship tells us we can use Lemongrass for growing beneficial habits, and enhancing our self discipline.


Lemongrass Astrological Sign


Lemongrass is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini. Gemini people may well find an affinity for Lemongrass.

 In Moon Astrology it is associated with the Third Mansion of the Moon, the Mansion of the Dawn.

Dawn is a time of serene beauty and stillness. As humans we share a relationship with our environment. As the day’s light begins to spread and light up the sky and landscape so too do our minds beginning to light up with hope and courage for a new day. As the moon transits the third Mansion, we are in a time of Enlightenment and banishing darkness and dark thoughts. The energy of the Universe is that of growing hope, creativity, and courage. This is a wonderful time. Look forward to the time when the Moon transits this Mansion for it is the time of courage in the face of all our troubles and worries and the time we will find the energy to find creative solutions to our issues. 

Lemongrass brings this serenity and beauty to life.  You may well find a  cup of lemongrass tea at dawn will bring a serenity you thought you have lost.


Uses of Lemongrass in Feng Shui

crystal feng shui yin yang - free crystal guides
Lemongrass leaves and stalks are used in many applications. 
 The leaves bring us Metal energy.  This is the energy of unyielding persistence as  the leaves of plants seek the sunlight with determination that is absolute. These attributes of persistence, determination and strength of desire and total focus are the energy of the metal element. Use lemongrass’s metal energy when you need strength, a total focus, to strengthen desire, to stretch towards your goals and to maintain a clear path to what you seek. 
Lemongrass stalks are also used in a variety of applications, particularly in culinary uses.  The stalks bring us Wood Energy.  Wood element energy is the creative energy of motivation, personal growth, and renewal. Like the time of the new moon and the Winter solstice - wood energy is new beginnings, hope, and rebirth.  Lemongrass stalks are excellent for magical uses for new beginnings and hope. 

Uses of Lemongrass in Talismans and Amulets


Lemongrass can be used to make talismans and amulets for a variety of needs including:

Ancient Wisdom, anticipation, apprehension, calm, brow chakra, cheerfulness, cleanliness, constructive thought, deal with despair, divine energy, enlightenment, expectations, faith, deal with gloominess, hope, illumination, inner vision, inspiration, inventiveness, manifestations, deal with meanness, deal with melancholy, deal with negative thoughts, overcome negativity from others, new love, new perspectives, optimism, overcome pessimism, positive outlook, regeneration, rejuvenation, reliability, deal with sadness, self enlightenment, serenity, deal with sorrow, spiritual awakening, sun energy, deal with tragedy, tranquility, ease worry, yang energy, discovery, energy, awakening, contemplation, creativity, solar energy, encouragement, receptiveness, calmness, and new beginnings.


Using Lemongrass in Divination

Lemongrass burned as in incense, provides clarity of mind and thought. This makes it easier to connect for communication with other side. 


Meditation with Lemongrass

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Lemongrass incense can be used to cleanse your space of meditation. It can also enhance mental clarity, focus, and awareness, making it ideal to use during meditation. It brings ease to opening up towards others and receiving new ideas. 


Lore and Legends of Lemongrass

lore grimoire

Lemongrass has been used in oils for much of history. In the 27th century, lemongrass was distilled and shipped around the world by the perfume industry. At that time there was very little access to personal hygiene facilities and the higher class would anoint themselves with scented oils to cover up their own distasteful smell. Lemongrass was one of the most popular scents for this purpose for those who could afford it. 

Lemongrass has been a traditional healing herb and used in native regions for much of history. It was used to reduce fevers and given the name “Fever grass” by some cultures. It is on of the most popular medicinal plants in Brazil and many in the Amazon use it as a sedative taken in tea form. 

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by Theresa Peters

Theresa Peters is an (almost) life-long Alaskan. She is a writer and artist for the Crystal Inner Circle and has been studying crystals and their metaphysical and magical properties since she was a teen. Living in Alaska she has grown to appreciate the magical qualities of nature and the way the effect it has on all living things.

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