Minerva – Roman Goddess of Wisdom

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Minerva is the Roman Goddess of Wisdom. Many people confuse her with Athena: however, there is one big difference between them. Athena is also the Greek Goddess of Battle Strategy. Athena was also even said to be born in armor. Minerva has absolutely no warlike side, instead she is considered to be the incarnate of intellect and wisdom. Although later on in history, when the idea of Athena was absorbed into Rome, Athena’s warlike side was absorbed into Minerva. Minerva herself, before Athena, was purely intelligence and there was no warrior in her. 

With intelligence comes creativity and new ideas. This brilliant goddess inspired many inventors and artist. Minerva was also an inventor, an alchemist and the creator of numbers. She helped make life easier and allowed leisure to be a little more enjoyable. She created musical instruments, many machines and medicines. Because of this divine goddess, household crafts became a great joy among children and families. The machinery made work easier and fewer hours were needed. More family time could be spent thanks to her. With the new medicines, disease and illness were less of a problem. Music sang through the air as families enjoyed time together, learning and laughing.

Minerva took pride in her work. However so did many of the artists she inspired. One such weaving and spinning artist believed her work was the best. This artist, named Arachne, even believed her work was even better than Minerva. She held a contest against Minerva to see whose work was better. Arachne wanted to shame the goddess, but Minerva’s work was better of course. As punishment for trying to shame her, Minerva transformed her into a gigantic hideous spider. This is where the word arachnid derived from and still does.

Minerva inspires artist and encourage them to take pride, but not to be egotistical. Show off your work, but remember everyone’s opinion is different so there will always be someone who doesn’t like your work. Minerva teaches young girls, and many woman, men even too, that anyone can be creative. She teaches us to take pride but not to overdo the pride. Be creative and take a chance, but always be yourself, much like this divine goddess always did herself.

If you wish to bring this goddess and her creative spark into your life, violet fluorite, purple agate or even amethyst would be helpful to honor her. These wonderful crystals create a surrounding of intelligence and creativity.

Shop for Amethyst to honor Minerva

~written by Jessica Fairall, age 15; art by conejovlanco user on Fiverr

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