Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Abundance

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LakshmiWhen Lord Vishnu stirred the ocean of milk for Indra, King of gods,  he was trying to  make a magic potion that would bestow eternal life. As he stirred, many wonderful things came out of the ocean, including a wishing cow and tree, an elephant, a white horse, and matchless jewels. The most beautiful thing that came out of the ocean was the Goddess Lakshmi.

Lord Vishnu created Lakshmi from the ocean of milk. She emerged from the Ocean of Milk sitting on a Lotus flower.  She is often called “Padma – lotus lover” because of this. Lakshmi immediately announced that her place was right next to Vishnu’s heart. Vishnu and Lakshmi got married and soon after had a son. They named him Kama, god of romantic love.

The word Lakshmi means “goal.” Lakshmi  is the Hindu goddess of abundance one of the goals of life. She has four arms that represent the four spiritual virtues of righteousness, desire, wealth, and deliverance.  The two upper arms hold a lotus flower, which symbolize purity. She is often shown with her two lower arms dropping gold coins showing she brings prosperity.

The Goddess Lakshmi can help you achieve the goals in your life. However, it seems that legend says that Lakshmi will not grant your wish if you are lazy and unthankful.

Peridots and pearls are used in honoring Lakshmi and asking her for assistance in achieving your goals, particularly those of prosperity.  Peridot is an ancient gem long used for bringing good financial fortune.  The pearl depicts the ocean of milk that is the birthplace of Lakshmi.  If you seek help achieving your financial goals, use a Peridot and a pearl in honoring Lakshmi and ask her for help.

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