Ixchel – Aztec Goddess of Childbirth


IxchelIxchel is the Mayan Goddess of Childbirth. Ixchel also has influence over the moon, water, motherhood, the menstrual cycle, and weaving. Her name, meaning “goddess of the rainbow” or “goddess of the sacred light,” comes from both her mothering and water aspects. One of her duties is nourishing the land with rain. The Mayans, unlike many of us today, valued the rain, and thought highly of its importance. Water is the most essential life-giving element. Ixchel is the giver of water and the helper for giving and creating life. 

Now, we all know life gets crazy, and as we grow we have decsions to make and we have to deal with the people in our lives.  As a young woman, Ixchel had a crush on the sun god, Kinich Ahau. For many years, the sun god never returned her fancy. Eventually though, she was able to win him over with her exquisite weaving skills.

As lovers they had four sons together. However, Ixchel’s grandfather grew jealous and hurled a lightning bolt at her. The lightning bolt killed her, and dragonflies hummed and sang over her dead body. For many a day this went on, until she was reborn from the dragonflies’ magic. 

 She went back to her lover. But her lover became suspicious over a rumor; he believed that she had cheated on him with his brother. Filled with jealousy and his terrible temper, the sun god wouldn’t listen to reason. Ixchel was kicked out of her home. After the sun god had calmed down he let her come back. Ixchel, thinking it was just a one-time thing, was happy to come back and rejoin her lover. Her joy was short lived because his constant suspicion started to rule over her life. She couldn’t handle being constantly watched and judged over something that was not true. Ixchel gave up and fled, leaving behind everything she had once loved.

Wandering the night, Ixchel found independence and a new life for herself. She would help women through their tough pregnancies, and through their even tougher labour. Nourishing the land and helping mothers nourish their kin, Ixchel found peace of mind in her life. Wandering the night, her strength as an individual grew.

 We are all caught in bad situations at some times in our lives, and not every time it is a good idea just get away from the problem; but it is always good to stay strong. Stand your ground and be whom you are; everyone has a right to be their own person.

However, sometimes the situations you get stuck in change you, and even if the problem is resolved you can no longer stay in that place you once called home. Stay true to yourself and follow your own stream, sometimes there will be rapids and other times there will be beautiful little calming pools but always cherish these times.

This goddess had to follow her stream which led her to the wonderful individual she is today, although she did have to make the tough decision of leaving her lover. This goddess can help you stay true to yourself. You can feel her strength in any body of water, listen to the water flowing to hear her voice. To better allow her into your life pink sapphire or opal can help.


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~written by Jessica Fairall, age 15; art by conejovlanco user on Fiverr

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