Itzpapalotl – Aztec Butterfly Goddess


goddess IIn Aztec mythology, Itzpapalotl was both a beautiful ruler of the paradise world called Tamoanchan, and she was a fearsome skeletal warrior goddess She is usually shown quite fearsome looking, but remember, In Aztec times the wearing of bones, skulls and various other body parts was all the rage.

Itzpapalotl means “Obsidian Butterfly” and “Clawed Butterfly.”  Now don’t get confused by the “butterfly” in her name, obsidian is used to make knives, and claws are not usually found on butterflies!

Now most of the myths of the Aztecs are long forgotten, and probably just as well, since a people that wear bones and enemy body parts for jewelry are probably not a group of people we want to know.

One legend that seems appropriate is that Itzpapalotl fell from heaven along with the  scorpions and toads.  Another note:  She is said to eat people during a solar eclipse (it is dark you know), so I think you should at least say something nice to her on a solar eclipse.

So why do we care about her?  Well, she is a figure of feminine strength.  She may be small, but she is not going to be pushed around.  She may not typify all the good parts of being a female, but she does certainly help someone to realize that girls and women can be tough and should not be bullied. 

So, I think young girls should call on her strength to realize that we are worthy of being respected and not bullied.  She wasn’t.  Her strength can help us. 

I think the best crystal to draw on her strength is Jade.  Jade can be beautiful, but look it up, it is really tough!

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-article (with help) by Mackenzie, age 12 and art by Paige, age 13.

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