Flora Roman Goddess of Plants

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Flora As a goddess of Rome she is the Goddess of Flowers and the springtime. Flora rules flowering plants and fruits as well as blossoming of plants and fruits.
She protects the vegetation from diseases and rotting. Her powers are the reason why flowers grow and blossom.

She’s considered to be a handmaiden of Ceres. Cere’s is a pre-Roman Goddess of Agriculture. Her high priest is the Flamen Floralis. A flamen serves their goddess or god. They offer daily sacrifices and provided many rituals.

Flora is one of the primal Earth Goddesses. She’s depicted by the Romans as wearing light spring clothes and always carrying bouquets of flowers.
Her name is related to the latin word Floris, which means a flower. Flora’s function was to make the grain, vegetables, and trees bloom so that Autumn’s harvest would be great.

It’s said that she also has many elements of a love goddess such as fertility.

Flora gave Juno a magic flower that when a woman touches it she becomes pregnant and that would help her conceive a baby on her own with no man’s help. From this virgin-birth, the god Mars was born.

Flora is able to help you make a beautiful garden. She’ll protect it from any harm and keep your flowers looking healthy and well.

Her powers are also able to help women with childbirth.

She can show you a world full of fun and adventure.

Use the gemstone dendritic quartz to symbolize growth and change. Most gemstones would represent Flora well because flowers are all different colors and different types just as with gemstones so you can’t really narrow it down to just a few.

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