Goddess Briget

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Brigit is the Celtic Goddess of the Sacred Flame. She is a triple goddess, which in the Celtic religion is unusual. Most triple goddesses in Celtic religion are actually three different goddesses that form triads, whereas Brigit is one goddess with different sides. Her different sides are healing, poetry and inspiration, and smith craft. All three sides connect in so many ways to the sacred flame and different aspects of life.

The sacred flame is important, and traditional. The sacred flame creates warmth and a feeling of home. The fireplace or hearth is the center of any home. In Celtic religion the flame of the hearth was only ever allowed to die during the fire festival of Beltane. However the flame of the hearth was always rekindled to start anew and fresh again. A flame has a life, it starts out small, grows, breaths, needs nutrients, and eventually dies. A flame also brings people and families together. Brigit, like a flame tried to bring people together. When it came time for Brigit to marry, there was a war going on, and in attempt to stop the war she chose a husband, named Bres, from the other side. Unfortunately, the marriage wasn’t enough to stop the war. But life still went on, and as it did Brigit had three boys with Bres.

 One of Brigit’s sons was involved in the war. He was used as a spy to gather information. Instead of using another soldier they used him figuring no harm would come to him since he has family on the other side. However this plan backfired. While he was talking to the general on the other side the general him. The general was taking no risks of losing the war. Brigit, as soon as she heard the news, screamed at the top of her lungs. Every man alive could hear the soul-devouring scream of a mother losing her child. It is said that Brigit created keening (showing great mental or emotional penetration) when she lost her son. It was a dark time for the goddess, and her flame burned dimly. 

As time went by she learned to heal, or heal as much as a mother can. She learned how to keep going. Her flame inspired others who had also lost people in the war, to keep going as well.

She has a number of different sides just like many of us do. As life changed for her, she changed with it, and at different points in her life her different sides of her showed in different strengths. Her beautiful strength and intensity needed a fresh start and a new awakening, just like a flame does every now and then. Sometimes all anyone needs is a fresh start or change, to allow a new sense of life in.

Awaken your inner flame, and shine bright throughout life, just like everyone deserves to do. If you are having troubles with your life, or had some big change that is deeply affecting you, this goddess can help. She went through many hard times and can help you through yours. 

To honor this goddess jade and green quartz will help allow her into your life. This goddess is a flame, and like every fire she needs to breath. If you wish to worship this goddess, and would like your life to burn like a flame, remember to sometimes take a step back and just breathe. A flame without oxygen, ultimately, will just go out.

Shop Jade to honor Brigit