Allat – Arabian Moon Goddess

Shop White Quartz  to honor Allat

allat  Allat or All-at is the Arabian Moon Goddess, an ancient mother and fertility goddess.  She forms a triple goddess with Al-Uzza, (goddess of the morning star),  and Manat, (goddess of fate and time). They were all worshipped throughout the pre-Islamic Arabia.  Allat and Al-uzza were sometimes mistaken for each other but now it seems like one grew popularity and the other was somewhat forgotten.

Allat’s name means “the goddess”. Her symbols are the sun disc cradled by the crescent moon and squared shaped crystals. Her sacred number is seven.  She is a daughter of Allah, the Arabian supreme god.

Since Allat is the mother part in the triple goddess she can nurture you and bring you protection like a mother would. She can help guide you a healthy path and teach you right from wrong. Allat will support you in your choices and will understand what you do and why you do it.

White quartz promotes healing and is a guide when we don’t know where or what to do. Allat was often carved into white marble, so using a piece of white quartz will be a fitting way to bring Allat and her power into your life.

Shop White Quartz  to honor Allat





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