Aditi – Hindu Goddess of the Boundless Sky


AditiShop Blue Topaz to honor Aditi

The ancient Indian Hindu Mother Goddess, Aditi, is the daughter of Daksha and Veerni. She is the unbounded Sky Goddess, honored as the mother creator of life because she gave birth to the planets and the stars.

She had twelve children that are called the twelve sovereign principles: Mitra (solidarity), Varuna (fate), Aryaman (chivalry), Daksa (ritual skill), Bhaga (the inherited share), Amsa (the gods’ given share), Tvastr (craftsmanship), Savitr (the magic power of words), Pusan (prosperity), Sakra (courage), Vivasvat (social laws), and Vishnu (cosmic law. Aditi’s children help protect humankind.

Aditi’s name means “unbound, unlimited, and unfettered.” Aditi is revered as the unbounded love found in motherhood.

Aditi is the guardian of all life and the supporter of all creatures. She is also the keeper of light that illuminates all life and ensures consciousness.

Aditi is an ancient goddess, the mother of all the Indian gods. She is the Hindu mother goddess that can help you free yourself of real and perceived bounds on your happiness and joy. She can help you find a path that will bring you the happiness that you are searching for and the care that you need from a mother.

Aditi is the Goddess of the Boundless Sky. She is honored with a crystal is this reminiscent of the unlimited sky: the blue topaz. A crystal of dark blue topaz and a candle of similar color make an excellent mini altar that can bring her power to removing limits and boundaries in your life that are causing pain.

Shop Blue Topaz to honor Aditi



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