Goddess Stone Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

Welcome to the Crystal Encyclopedia minor entry page for Goddess Stones. Here you will learn everything that we have discovered so far about this crystal, including what is a Goddess Stone, how they were formed, and its metaphysical properties. We will update this crystal guide as we discover new information.

Quick Overview of Goddess Stone

What are Goddess Stones?

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Goddess Stones are a calcium carbonate concretion found in the Harricana River valley in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region of western Quebec. They are known as Fairy Stones, Harriicana Stones, or Marlstones. The latter is a generic term used to name a variety of carbonate concretions found around the world.

Now, for clarity, there is another concretion found in the shales of opaline concretions found in marls, gypsums, and shales of France called Melinite, which is also sometimes called Goddess Stone. These are the nodules consisting of a light toffee-brown to pale grey massive opal with a white chalky exterior of powdery opal. The interiors are hard and compact and take a good polish, so they are sometimes used for opaque lapidary work. These are not covered in this article.

The Goddess Stones were formed in lake beds as calcium carbonate was precipitated and formed around pebbles and organic matter. One side will be flat, usually having been worn away over time; the bottom, however, often has intricate circular patterns from its creation around the organic matter.


How are Goddess Stones formed?

Goddess Stones are believed to have formed in marshy shallow, organic environments of lake beds under clay layers.


What are Goddess Stones' Metaphysical Properties?

The Goddess Stones of Mother Earth are rich in power and magic. They have a long history of helping us focus our thoughts and prayers. Through their ability to focus and amplify our power of concentration, they have found a valuable place in the practices of meditation and ritual. The use of minerals and crystals in rituals associated with Goddesses and the glory of the Divine Feminine has a long history in many cultures.

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The Divine Feminine is an ancient concept found in many of the oldest cultures of the world. From the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” with Isis, Nuit, and other Goddesses to the recent popularity of “The Da Vinci Code,” the feminine role has been prominent in legends, religions, and belief systems. These stones are rich in Feminine Energy. They have a very helpful spiritual energy that supports women. Goddess Crystals are very nurturing crystals. They bring warmth and protection. They are natural stones – yet seem to have a supernatural capability to make you feel protected and loved.

These Goddess Stones also have a rich tradition among the local Algonquin people as lucky stones bringing luck during hunts and offering protection to the hunters.


How to use Goddess Stones?

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These are Ritual and Meditation Stones, particularly used for Moon Goddess rituals. A Goddess Stone is often the centerpiece of an altar used for moon goddess rituals. For meditation, a Goddess Stone is usually held in one hand while focusing on bringing strong, loving energy to one's spirit is held. The pattern of the stone is important here. They should be selected after some time and focused on the pattern to see its effects on one’s subconscious.


More Crystal Information

What is a Goddess Stone?

It is a calcium carbonate concretion.

Where are Goddess Stones found?

Goddess Stones are found the Harricana River valley of Quebec Canada.

How are Goddess Stones formed?

Goddess Stones are believed to have formed in marshy shallow, organic environments of lake beds under clay layers.

Can Goddess Stones go in water?

No, they are calcium carbonate and will dissolve.

Can Goddess Stones be left in the sun?

Yes, they are safe in the sun.

How hard are Goddess stones?

They are very soft, about 3 or so on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

How to use Goddess Stones?

Goddess Stones are used on Ritual altars to honor the Goddess and in meditation to bring the energy of the Goddess to the meditation.

What do Goddess Stones look like?

A Goddess Stone is a relatively flat white/grey somewhat disk like shape that usually is relatively flat on one side and that displays circular shapes on the other.

What healing properties does Goddess Stones have?

Goddess stones bring calming, gentle energy to any healing regime. Excellent for Reiki work.

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Published 03/13/2023

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