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Quick Overview of Atlantisite

What is Atlantisite?


Atlantisite is a trading name for a stone found in Tasmania, Australia, that is composed of a green variety of Serpentine mixed with purple Stichtite, along with Chromite and Magnetite. It is sometimes simply called Stichtite in Serpentine. It was discovered in 1910. The name Atlantisite" is a trading name registered and owned by The Crystal Universe Pty, Melbourne, Australia. Gerald Pauley, an officer of the company, invented the name "Alantisite." The story is that it reminded him of the fabled Atlantis when he held it.

While Serpentine is relatively common, Stichtite is rare. In the area of the Dundas mineral fields where stichtite is found, it is sometimes found mixed in with serpentine. This is the source of Atlantisite.


How is Atlantisite formed?

Atlantasite is a metamorphic rock formed from other rocks when they were subjected to high heat, high pressure, and hot mineral-rich fluids during the earth’s formation. It is unique to the single mining area in Tasmania, not having been found elsewhere in the world.


What are Atlantisite's Metaphysical Properties?

The metaphysical properties of Atlantasite are derived from its primary components of Serpentine and Stichtite.

Serpentine is a stone of the heart. It is used for protection, bringing a sense of well-being, and calming the spirit. It is useful for meditation and has a calming energy that can help you traverse through your day without stress and added anxiety. Serpentine can protect your spirit and bring a sense of peace to your life.

Stichtite is a rich purple Chromium Carbonate that brings a strong Builder crystal Energy of Spiritual hue. This is one of the primary metaphysical stones for building spiritual connections and for fostering spiritual growth.


Together they create a strong spiritual energy of peaceful spiritual development and personal growth toward one’s spiritual goals. If you seek enlightenment, spiritual growth, connections with the spirit world, or any similar quests, this is your stone. It is also one for angelic communications. Atlantisite can help strengthen your internal beliefs and help you hold on to what is true to your spirit. Over time, we can tend to doubt and grow weak in some of our most inherent beliefs. This stone can help you protect and nurture those beliefs and allow you to remain true to yourself


How to use Atlantisite?


Atlantasite is a stone of the spirit, pure and simple. It is not a physical healing stone or one used in much magic. Rather it is a personal stone used in personal efforts to grow spiritually.

As such, it is used like most religious artifacts. It is handled with care, used in devotions and meditations, and is not displayed for others. We suggest you consider keeping it locked away and used in occasional mediations and rituals in which you seek enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Simple rituals such as placing it near you during meditation are all that are really required. If you seek connection with a spirit, you can use this as a conduit. Hold it carefully in front of a flame and close your eyes almost all the way until the stone and the flame are misty. Now see a violet line grow in both directions from the stone. One to your third eye and one to the flame. See the flame in your mind’s eye become violet. Now you have a connection ready. Wait for the spirit to respond. This should be done in total privacy and a rather dark room.


More Crystal Information

What is Atlantisite?

Atlantisite is a metamorphic rock composed primarily of green Serpentine and Purple Stichtite.

Where is Atlantisite found?

It is only found at Stichtite Hill, Dundas mineral field, Zeehan District, Tasmania, Australia.

How is Atlantisite formed?

Atlantasite was formed from other rocks when they were subjected to high heat, high pressure, and hot mineral-rich fluids during the earth’s formation.

Can Atlantisite go in water?

Yes, water will not affect Atlantisite.

Can Atlantisite be left in the sun?

Yes, Atlantasite is not affected by sunlight.

How hard are Atlantisite stones?

Atlantasite is fairly soft, about 3 -4 on the Moh’s hardness scale, so it is easily carved, but cannot take a high polish.

How to use Atlantisite?

We find it an excellent conduit to the spiritual plane. Use it with a candle in a quite place to connect to angels and other spirits.

What do Atlantisite stones look like?

It is usually a light to medium green stone with bright purple patches.

What healing properties does Atlantisite have?

It is useful for meditation and has a calming energy that can help you traverse through your day without stress and added anxiety.

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Published 03/15/2023

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