Top Crystals for Love

top crystals for love

Everyone could use more love in their life. Whether you're looking for more love for yourself or love from others, crystals can help. Crystals have long been used to attract, strengthen, and enhance love in all its forms. There are many different crystals that can help us love ourselves more, blossom more love around us, or attract more love from others. Some can even help draw your soulmate to you! So, today we're going to talk about the top crystals for love and how they can help.

List of the Top Crystals for Love

Here is a brief overview of the top crystals for love. We'll talk more about each one below.

  • Rose Quartz
  • Morganite
  • Pink Opal
  • Rhodonite
  • Pink Garnet
  • Red Jasper
  • Emerald
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Moonstone
  • Malachite

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is believed to be a stone of love and is often used to attract love and promote feelings of tenderness, compassion, and kindness. It is believed to open up the heart chakra and help to create a sense of peace and balance.

To use Rose Quartz for love, you can wear it as jewelry, place it in your home, or hold it while you meditate and focus on your love intentions. You can also use it in an affirmation or mantra to help manifest the love you want.

Rose Quartz speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears, and resentments, and circulates Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others.


Morganite is a beautiful gemstone that can be used to promote feelings of unconditional love, compassion, and inner peace. It is believed to help open the heart to receive and give love and can help to heal any emotional wounds that may be preventing a person from fully experiencing love.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Morganite can be a great way to open yourself up to receiving and enjoying the love that is around you.

This crystal also attracts the abundance of love into one’s life and assists in maintaining that love as it continues to grow. It encourages loving thoughts and actions, consideration and responsibility, and being receptive to love from others.

As a crystal of the heart, it may be used to attract one’s soul mate or in deepening a current relationship. It inspires joy and reverence for life and increases the opportunities which allow one to experience the unconditional love of the Divine.

Pink Opal

Pink Opal is a powerful stone for the heart and is often used for love-related matters. It can help to open the heart chakra, allowing you to accept and receive love from yourself and others. It can also help with emotional healing, forgiveness, and understanding.

When used with intention, Pink Opal can help to attract and bring in love, both for yourself and others. It can also help to bring in feelings of compassion and loving kindness.

Opal acts as a prism within the aura, bringing a full spectrum of Light energy to the system, soothing and clearing the emotional body, and boosting the will to live and the joy of one’s earthly existence. It enkindles optimism, enthusiasm, and creativity, and allows for the release of inhibitions inspiring love and passion.


Rhodonite is a beautiful gemstone with many healing properties, including the ability to help with matters of the heart. It is said to open the heart chakra and bring balance, compassion, and unconditional love into your life. It can also help to attract new love and heal old wounds.

To use Rhodonite for love, try wearing it as jewelry or keeping a piece in your pocket. You can also meditate with it and focus on the energies of love, compassion, and balance.

Rhodonite is used to deal with a broken heart. It helps us to express genuine emotions and to direct our emotional energy to the accomplishment of our goals. This crystal heals the mental scars of a lover’s quarrel and heals the pangs of unrequited love.

Pink Garnet

Pink Garnet is a great stone to use for love as it is associated with passion, intensity, and vitality. It is believed to inspire love and bring positive energy into relationships.

Pink Garnet can also be used to attract a soulmate and to deepen feelings of commitment and fidelity. It is said to bring warmth and joy and can be used to restore trust in a relationship as well as bring loyalty and stability.

Pink Garnet is a crystal of inspiration and emotional healing. It encourages love, kindness, and compassion, and promotes self-worth and spiritual growth. It also soothes and heals the emotional body, unblocking the ability to receive love, and provides a loving reminder of your worthiness in the eyes of the Divine.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is known to be a powerful stone for increasing and enhancing love. It is believed to balance emotions and provide courage for those seeking new love. It is also thought to provide stability in a relationship and can be used to promote passion, desire, and devotion.

Red Jasper is a stone of passion and a token of all who consummate love. It encourages control in all things, and thus calms sexual aggressiveness, promotes sexual compatibility, and enhances tantric sex. It may assist women in overcoming a jealous love rival or unfair opposition to a relationship.

Red Jasper can re-activate a passion for living when one is feeling blue or unemotional, apathetic, or spiritually defunct, and is commonly used to spark sexual or creative energies. It assists in identifying one’s personal ideas and beliefs about sexual expression or orientation and helps release shame or guilt around these issues.


Emeralds have long been associated with love and romance. Historically, they have been used as symbols of faithfulness and to ward off evil spirits.

Emeralds also represent growth and renewal, making them a great way to show your love for someone. If you're looking for a unique way to express your love, consider gifting your special someone an Emerald.

Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” Emerald opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion, and unconditional love.


Rhodochrosite is a beautiful and powerful crystal that is believed to help attract love and romance into one's life. It is said to encourage inner strength and to help you to be open to new relationships and experiences. It allows one to be more confident and to trust in their heart's desire.

Rhodochrosite is also believed to help heal emotional wounds and to help one to forgive and move on from past hurts. Carry or meditate with Rhodochrosite to help bring new love into your life.

Known as the Stone of the Compassionate Heart, Rhodochrosite symbolizes selfless love, moving one beyond mere empathy but stirring one to action on others’ behalf. Rhodochrosite, however, directs that love first toward the self for the specific purpose of emotional healing.


Moonstone is a beautiful and powerful gemstone that is often used for love-related purposes. Its soft, reflective energy helps bring out the loving side of people and can also be used to attract and keep love in one's life.

To use Moonstone for love, try wearing it as jewelry, meditating with it, or placing it in your home. It is also said to be beneficial when placed under your pillow or in the bedroom.

Since earliest times, Moonstone has been a tangible connection to the magic of the moon – an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift for lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom.


Malachite is often used as a love stone, as it is believed to bring peacefulness and harmony to relationships. It can help to clear away any negative energy that is present in the environment, and it can also be used to attract new love.

To use Malachite for love, you can meditate with the stone or place it in an area of the home to create a peaceful and loving atmosphere. You can also wear the stone as a piece of jewelry or carry it in your pocket to feel its energy throughout the day.

Malachite helps battle depression and anxiety, gives resistance to emotional blackmail, and heals emotional abuse, especially when suffered in childhood. It also encourages healthy relationships based on love and not need.

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