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Learn How to Call on Guardian Angel Barachiel

Do you need your own Guardian Angel? Barachiel can help. He is one of the seven Archangels and the chief Guardian Angel.

Barachiel is an angel of protection but also one of many blessings. This angel is a symbol of care and devotion. This evening, we’ll be talking about Guardian Angel Barachiel and how you can reach out using the energies of Black Tourmaline.

Barachiel, meaning blessed by God in Hebrew, is an Archangel. He is described as being an angelic prince with a large following of ministering angels behind him to help attend. He is the chief Guardian Angel, leading other Guardian Angels to their charges. His responsibilities are varied just as the blessings he bestows are varied. He may be sought out for any and all things that require attention and can help you find blessings in your life when you ask for his help.

Barachiel is an official saint in several traditions. He is the patron of family and married life. He watches over us all and takes extra care to assist and help us, particularly young adopted children and those that are new and young in their faiths. He is also often shown holding a white rose or having white rose petals trailing after him as a symbol of bringing the blessings of heaven to others.

If your life has become fraught with turmoil and you seek additional protection and guardianship, Barachiel is the one to call. He is a protective presence and will keep you safe as you travel through the hardships of life. He can be a comforting presence in your life and help you find the reassurance that all will be well. This can be useful to you personally or for that of your entire family.

How to Call on Barachiel for Blessings & Protection

You will need:

1. A sacred space or a quiet place to work in
2. A large Black Tourmaline crystal (find a single large crystal here or a set or large crystals here

3. A rose (preferably white, optional)
4. 6 drops of Black Tourmaline Essence (optional)
5. A bottle of Protection Crystal Energy Pillow Spray (optional)


While Barachiel can be prayed to on a daily basis and possesses his own traditional prayer, this evening we will be offering a prayer for guardianship and protection with the use of Black Tourmaline. In addition to Tourmaline, a white rose for the symbol of blessing is helpful when making this prayer. To aid in the overall energy of protection Black Tourmaline Essence can be used to enhance the power of blessings and protection of the white rose by adding a few drops to the water in its vase.

Set up your sacred space if you have one. If not, find a quiet place to call on Barachiel inside at any time or outdoors at night.

When you are in a place that is comfortable and seated along with your piece of Black Tourmaline and your rose, say the following prayer:

“Oh, powerful Archangel, Barachiel! Fill me with the splendor and protection of heaven’s glory. Protect me throughout my life with your gentle care. Place me under your watch and keep me right in the world! Sustain me and keep me from harm from myself and others during this time of chaos. Hear my prayer so that I may receive your loving intercession. Bring peace and happiness in my life as well as my loved ones! Thank you, Barachiel!”

After saying this prayer, you may keep the Black Tourmaline with you near your bed. Place it at the bedside on a table or beneath your pillow to influence your dreams and lend protection overnight. Another wonderful way to utilize this angelic connection as well as the energy of Black Tourmaline as you sleep is by use of the Protection Crystal Energy Pillow Spray. A few spritzes of this spray on your pillow will help lend the power of protection and grounding to you as you sleep. This is particularly useful after praying to Barachiel for his assistance.

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