Fire and Ice Crystals for Perfect Balance

fire and ice crystals

Need more balance in your life? What about patience, energy, creativity, confidence, grounding, guidance, and direction? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need Fire and Ice crystals.

Fire and Ice crystals bring the ultimate balance to your life. They are easy to use and very affordable.

Get healing and balance and everything else you need with just two crystals.

What Are Fire and Ice Crystals?

Fire and Ice crystals are two different crystals that complement each other perfectly. They are similar in size and bring opposing forces together in the perfect balance of healing and energy.

Fire Energy is brought to you through Golden Amethyst crystals.

Golden Amethyst crystals contain both Golden Healer Quartz and Amethyst. Golden Healers restore spiritual energy that is out of balance. Use them to improve your basic happiness, get you back on track towards success, bring a sense of adventure, increase your personal power, and build your enthusiasm or confidence.

Ice Energy is brought to you through Dumortierite in Quartz crystals.

Dumortierite helps bring control to your life. It quells disorganization and tempers chaos. It can give you more confidence and assist you in being more assertive. At the same time, Dumortierite can ease panic, anxiety, nervousness, and depression. This crystal can help you feel more connected to yourself and those around you.

How Do Fire and Ice Crystals Work?

Fire Golden Amethyst and Ice Dumortierite crystals are easy to use and highly effective. You have two options available to you to take advantage of their healing energies.
For Regular Use:
  • Keep the Fire and Ice Crystals near each other where you spend time such as in the living room, den, or office. You can also carry them in your pocket, purse, or car if you're often on the go.
For Targeted Use:
  1. If you need targeted healing and balance quickly, find a comfortable place to sit for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Hold the Fire Golden Amethyst in your left hand.
  3. Hold the Ice Dumortierite in your right hand.
  4. Close your eyes while holding both crystals out in front of you in each hand. Imagine the orange/red of fire traveling up the left side of your body while the white/blue of ice travels up your right side.
  5. After a few minutes, when the colors meet in the middle, cross your arms over your chest with the right fist over your left shoulder and the left fist over your right shoulder. Sit this way for at least another minute or two and allow the Fire and Ice energies to intermingle. Repeat this exercise as often as needed.

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by Kat Ohren

Kat is a Certified Crystal Master and Crystal Astrologist. She has been working with both crystals and astrology for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Sciences and Technology from Pennsylvania State University. Kat is a Florida native and has been with Crystal Vaults for over 10 years.

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