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Connecting with Your Planets Using Crystals


Did you know that we all have a planet assigned to us at birth? The exact time we were born is like our individual marker in the world. It’s very unique as almost no two birth charts are the same. Each planet is also unique, offering its own special energy and ancient wisdom to us. What you may not know is that you have a powerful and very special bond with your birth planet or ruling planet. You can even use the energy of this planet to connect to others in the cosmos to gain their healing energy and attributes. Connecting with your planets using crystals is the most effective way to achieve this synergy. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.


Connecting with Your Planets Using Crystals


There have been crystals associated with each planet since the dawn of time. It has been written about for centuries and perfected over time, though the fundamental crystals have remained the same. Some legends even claim that many of the crystals were born from the cosmos, possibly from the planets, and then transferred to Earth via meteors or other higher plane methods. However it happened, there is no denying that the crystals for each planet are strongly connected to them.

As you would expect, each planet has a different energy and brings us different traits personally. It’s long been known that you can pull the energy down from each planet to gain the aspects from it that you need. However, it can be a complicated process of alignment, ceremonies, and finding the right items to carry and distribute the energy. Crystals have been used for this process for centuries since they are the perfect conductors and distributors of energy.

The main problem is being able to use a planet’s energy that is not your own. For example, if you were born under Mercury, then that is your birth planet or ruling planet and your cosmic energy is already connected to it. However, if you want to bring in energy from Jupiter for luck, a ceremony or some other type of process has to take place for you to connect to that energy and benefit from it. Thankfully, while the methods have remained the same, the introduction of better technology and the access to more crystals as allowed us to make this process easier and attainable by everyone.

All you need to connect to and use another planet’s energy is a crystal aligned to that particular planet and a crystal aligned to your own planet. For example, as we mentioned before, if you were born under the planet of Mercury but are looking to benefit from Jupiter’s energy, you would just need a Mercury crystal and a Jupiter crystal. We’ll explain more about how this works below.


Finding Your Birth Planet & Crystal


We’ve made finding your birth planet and crystal easy! Just take a look at the chart below. Find when you were born in the first column and then you can easily look at the other columns to see your birth planet and that planet’s matching crystal.

The information in this list is derived from ancient texts, prolific authors like William Lilly (a 17th-century astrologer who published numerous and widely used astrological texts and corresponding crystals) and George Frederick Kunz (a 19th-century American mineralogist and collector as well as a renowned writer), as well as consideration to modern schools of thought.


Quick Overview of Planets, Energies, and Crystals



How Connecting with Your Planets Using Crystals Work


A crystal that is aligned to your birth planet or your ruling planet will already innately be connected to you and your energy. When you’re looking to bring in the energy from another planet, all you need is your planet’s crystal and the crystal for the other planet. Once you hold both of the crystals together, they will instantly start to connect with each other and you. Take a look at the diagram below.


In the diagram above, the crystals have been aligned and charged by each planet. When a crystal is held within each hand, the energy is dispersed throughout the body and then spread to each crystal. There is a connection made within the body that is then transported to each crystal. This allows you to use the alignment of your birth planet crystal to connect with and use the energy of other planets. You can read more about the extended attributes and energy of each planet below.


Get the Aligned Crystals You Need for Each Planet


Each of the crystals below has been aligned to each planet using a special ceremony. We use a special star map to track where the planets are and then align them underneath the night sky. This also gives them the opportunity to charge under the Moon as well. As they are charging and being aligned, a Reiki Master performed a specific blessing for each needed attribute. For example, Amethyst is aligned under Jupiter and then blessed in a Reiki ceremony for added luck and optimism.













Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I was born on February 10th. I’m looking for more love in my life. Which crystals and planets would help?

Answer: Since you were born on February 10th, you were born under Uranus which is connected with Labradorite. When trying to bring more love into your life from yourself or others, you should connect with Venus using a Rose Quartz or Kunzite crystal.

Question: Why do Venus and Mercury have two different crystals?

Answer: Both crystals work with that specific planet. You can use either crystal listed to help you gain the planet’s energy. The reason they are listed twice is they are closest to the Sun and their orbit brings them by the Earth more frequently. While trying to gain the planet’s energy, either crystal can be used. However, you should use the specific crystal listed under your birthday for your connected planet crystal.

Question: I was born on June 2nd and I’m trying to improve my health this year. I could also use a little better outlook and maybe some luck, too. Which crystals should I use?

Answer: Since you were born on June 2nd, your birth planet is Mercury which is connected to the crystal Emerald. To work on better health and a more positive outlook with a dash of luck, you should draw on the energy of Jupiter with Amethyst and the Sun with Sunstone.

Question: How do I activate the crystal and planet energy to help me?

Answer: The energy in these crystals are powerful and they don’t take much to be activated. You can either meditate with one in each hand or just sit quietly with one in each hand for at least 5 minutes. If you’re only using one planet crystal, you should hold your birth planet crystal in one hand and the other planet crystal in your other hand.

Question: How do I use the energy of two or more planets at once?

Answer: You can follow the same directions as above and just repeat the process with each crystal. You should always be holding your birth planet crystal in one hand and then other crystals can be added to the other hand during each session.

Question: How long will the energy last? How can I recharge the crystals?

Answer: The energy in these crystals will last at least a few years. However, if at any time you feel the energy is getting low or you’d like to recharge them, we recommend using a Moon Activation Kit. Follow the instructions that come with the kit and place the crystal needing to be recharged in the center.


The Attributes for Each Planet



Mars is the fiery red planet and therefore is a planet of action. In this planet, you will find energy, determination, and passion. Mars speaks to your inner confidence and power and helps you express it to the world. When something needs to get done, this is the planet to do it with.

Ruler of our sexuality and sexual energy, Mars, named after the God of War, can also be quite violent. Its intended helpful force can turn destructive at times. It’s important to harness Mars’ energy for good. If done right this energy can help you achieve amazing things.

Connected with Carnelian.



Venus is associated with the relationships in our life. Both romantic and not. It is the planet of love, romance, and harmony. It spreads happiness and joy and teaches us to love and appreciate the things around us.

Also associated with Venus is The Arts and anything beauty related. Venus inspires music, dance, drama, literature, and more. It pushes us to indulge our senses and celebrate the beauty in our world.

Connected with Rose Quartz and Kunzite.



Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, and awareness. It is how we think, how we create, and how we share our ideas.

This is one energizing planet and it can cause you to move on from one thing to the next quickly. It is all about quick wit and quick thinking.

Anything you can think about Mercury has to do with our communication such as speaking, writing, emails, and even reading.

Connected with Emerald and Chrysoprase.



While the Sun brings you your spirit, the Moon brings you your soul. It is the pillar of the emotional self. Just as it controls the tides of the ocean, it controls the tides deep within you.

The Moon symbolizes the women in our life. She is the mother, the goddess, and carries strong links between a mother and her child.

The Moon can help you see what you want and need out of life. During this process, it helps us to remember the past to make better choices for our future.

Connected with Moonstone.



The Sun represents the self. It’s what makes you unique. It holds your ego, your spirit, and your personality.

The Sun’s energy is strong and forceful and is often ruled by the male influences in our life such as our Father, Husband, or even children.

The bright aura of the sun emits energy to us and rules our health and well-being. It fills us with Universal Life Force and pushes us forward to succeed.

Connected with Sunstone.



Pluto has very subtle energy. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t powerful. Pluto is the planet of rebirth and renewal. It looks for us to get rid of the old to make room for the new.

Named after the Greek God of the underworld, Pluto also has a dark side, ruling over death, destruction, murder, and many other unpleasant things.

Unforgiving in its nature, if you refuse to make changes for the better or transform your life, Pluto’s energy will make you miserable. If you chose to embrace it and regenerate your life, you couldn’t ask for a better sidekick.

Connected with Obsidian.



Jupiter is the planet of high-learning both intellectually and spiritually. It helps form our ideology and leads to religion and philosophy. Jupiter brings us the eternal search for answers, and it has no problem going far and wide to look for them as Jupiter rules over travel as well.

As you may have heard, Jupiter is the planet of luck and optimism. It brings good fortune and is very giving in its nature. Our success and accomplishments are wrapped up on this planet too, which works well with its generous fortune. Not surprisingly, Jupiter loves games of chance. As the planet of good luck, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing!

Connected with Amethyst.



Saturn is the planet of discipline and responsibility. It’s not one to shy away from hard work and commands us to get things done.

Saturn is sometimes considered to be the keeper of time. It brings us the wisdom that comes from old age and time. It can teach us lessons from the past and help us from making mistakes in the future. In this way, it can be considered a teacher and can remind us of current and past karmic experiences.

This large and ancient planet can help you persevere and withstand the tests of time. Though it teaches us that time is limited and we must have the discipline to make what we do count.

Connected with Blue Chalcedony.



Uranus is the planet of inventions, computers, and originality. Because it takes so long to move through the solar system, the overall effects of Uranus are felt over time rather than on an individual basis.

Uranus likes to break the mold and make a new one, idealizing unique ideas the most. It is no wonder it governs most advances in our technology.

It is also worth mentioning that Uranus is a very erratic planet as well and governs over natural disasters such as tsunamis or earthquakes.

Connected with Labradorite.



Neptune was named after the God of the Seas and tends to be very fluid in nature. This planet likes dreams and illusions. It favors mystery and meditation. The illusions it often likes can be found in other things is governs such as theatre and fashion.

On the darker side of things, Neptune rules over the harder times in life. It reaches for escapism in any way that it can. However, if you use this in more positive manors such as meditation, Neptune can help bring you insightfulness and heightened awareness.

Connected with Lapis Lazuli.


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    This was very enlightening. As a Libra, I had never heard of Kunzite. Will be looking into this crystal As a Scorpio rising Mars is always there. and My moon is in Gemini. Will try working with all three. but love Malachite and a small labradorite heart. I love all the lessons I have learned and I am always intrigued by the new info on crystals as I am a beginner.

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