Attractor Crystals – from the Tetragonal Crystal System

Crystals that help bring us what we seek








attractor symbolAttractors have an internal structure built on the rectangle that often manifests itself by producing minerals with a surface sheen that seems to catch your eye and attract you to the crystal or even the rough mineral specimen. These crystals like Zircon stand out and are noticed by the play of light over their surface. These crystals are perfect when your purpose is to attract someone or something to you.

attractors work like magnet Attractors help you focus on being attractive so that what you are seeking will actually seek you. Gaining recognition, winning friends, or attracting wealth are all needs that Attractors can help you fulfill. Used in conjunction with Seekers, the Attractor talismans can provide you with very potent and focused energy.

Be aware however, that the Attractors seem to have a passive energy, like a magnet. When nothing is around to attract, the energy of a magnet seems to be gone. It is only energized when something is around to attract. Then suddenly a magnet’s power is apparent. So too, the Attractors seem to have a waiting element to their energy. If nothing comes along the Attractor doesn’t seem to have much power. That is why they are used with Seekers. The Seekers help us get out and find what we need. Then the Attractors power can be applied. Avoid reliance on Attractors alone. You might someday get what you desire, but it could be a very long wait.


For more information on the power of Attractor crystals, read The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans.

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