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The Angels have been called upon by people for as long as we know. On this page you will find the name of the Angel that our literature tells us will help us with a particular problem.

Check out the table to see if what you are seeking might be something with which an angel might help. Find the angel’s name.

You will also find a column that will tell you the color of the crystal that works the best to channel your communication to that angel. Those colors are links to the crystals we have in stock that are that color.

There are numerous references to angels and guardian angels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam history and holy books. The roots of the belief in angels seems to even predate these religions. Angels are real.

It is easy to use a crystal or stone of a certain color preferred by your angel to facilitate your communication. Angels are spirits, Beings of Light. Using a crystal that brings your angel’s favorite light to them can only make it easier to communicate. Here is how:

Hold the crystal in your hand as you begin to communicate with the angel. Gaze into the crystal and “connect” thru it to the angel as if it was a microphone or other communication device. Use the crystal lattice to translate your thoughts to etherial form.

Need/Desire Angel Crystal Color
Adversity Mastema Violet
Chance Baraqiel Brown
Children/Babies Lailah (Lailiel) (Leliel) Lt. Green
Compassion Raphael Dark Green
Conception Lailah (Lailiel) (Leliel) Lt. Green
Creativity Gabriel Gold
Destiny Oriel Olive
Dreams Duma Lt. Scarlet
Fertility Samandiriel Dk. Red
Free Will Tabris Yellow
Friendship Mihr Lt. Yellow
Glory Sandalphon Turquoise
Grace Ananchel Brown
Heal Disorders Metatron Green
Heal Emotions Jeremiel Violet
Heal Illness Raphael Dark Green
Heal Memory Zadkiel (Zadekiel) Dark Blue
Heal Resentment Uriel Gold
Heal Spiritual Blocks Raziel Clear
Heals Aggressive Tendencies Sandalphon Turquoise
Health Mumiel Pink
Help to Heal Anxiety Chamuel (Khamael) Light Green
Help to Heal Grief Azrael Silver
Help to Relieve Anger Af Blue
Help to Relieve Fear Michael and Yroul Violet and Scarlet
Help to Relieve Nervousness Michael Violet
Hope Phanuel Dk. Scarlet
Knowledge Raphael Dark Green
Love Raphael Dark Green
Luck Baraqiel Brown
Music Israfel and Uriel Lt. Scarlet and Gold
Patience Achaiah Yellow
Pride Rahab Dk. Scarlet
Progress Raphael Dark Green
Protection Za’aphiel (Zaapiel) White
Purity Tahariel Dk. Scarlet
Relationship Health Raguel Light Blue
Repentance Michael and Raphael Violet and Dark Green
Resentment Uriel Gold
Solitude Cassiel Lt. Amethyst
Sound Sleep Michael Violet
Strength Zueruel Olive
Tears Cassiel Lt. Amethyst
Temperance Cassiel Lt. Amethyst
Treasures Parasiel Dk. Indigo
Truth Amitiel, Gabriel, and Michael Dk. Indigo, Gold, and Violet
Wisdom Raziel Clear

  You may be wondering where this information comes from. Some is from “Angel Magic” by Cassandra Eason. We most highly recommend this book published in 2010 by Lewellyn Publications. Other information is from “Angels A to Z by Matthew Bunson”, also highly recommended. We also consulted “Angel Medicine” by Doreen Virtue, which is an excellent resourse. The crystal color for each angel is from research conducted by Eric Grant of The Crystal Vaults.

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