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1000 dreams

We heard a song of a thousand dreams

We are making each into one of a thousand dream stones

One for each dream in the song.

Each has a number, each has a meaning.

One is meant for you

One is your dream coming true.

Find its number and find your dream.




We at EarthSong Studio are artists in stone.  As our brethren that work in music for the ears, we work in music for the eyes.  We don’t use reeds, and violins, and drums, we use wheels, water, and diamonds.  We are lapidary artists that find the songs in the stones and bring them to life.

DreamSong PendantRecently one of our artists was hearing a faint song in his mind.  It had no words or melody.  In fact, it was a floating, haunting vision, but somehow auditory.  "It was like," he said, "a thousand dreams all calling out."

We set out to find those thousand dreams and free their songs. 

We are slowly finding each of them in the rocks and crystals of our art. 

Each is being freed here in Earthsong Studios into its own beautiful creation: a highly polished cabochon of great beauty.

  We are then having them set in the finest pure sterling silver by some of the best silversmiths in the world. 

The results truly are DreamSongs.

numbersAnd, even more fascinating, while none of us are true numerologists, the sound of the dreams seem to all have certain pre-ordained characters and a certain fit in the cosmic plan.  As we create them, they seem to take on a natural vibration in sequence as if we are being guided by a higher spirit. 

We are finding that each in turn has an affinity for the next number in the sequence of our art.  It seems to have an affinity for a dream involving the meaning of the number.  The first stone tuned naturally to the number 1.  It evokes a dream of unity.  The second was a natural two,  and had the spirit of a couple in love.  The third was a triad, evoking a dream of a couple and another, perhaps a baby.   Each seems to somehow evoke the spirit of the number and a dream associated with it.

As we create each of them, we are carefully tracking them.  Each is tuned to a number and so named.  We are honestly not able to decipher each of the numbers and designs.  But, we have found that when the right person sees the design and the number, the stone finds the right “owner” of that dream. 

For example, we had DreamSong 76 Pendant on the table.  It is a beautiful dark blue design.  Our neighbor, seeing it,  instantly said “that’s mine.  I was born in 1976 and that is my favorite color in the world. I have always dreamed of sailing the world.  That is the color of the ocean on  a stormy day, and I have to have that – it is my dream stone.” 

Finding your dream (number)

There are many avenues to accomplishing your dreams and there are many avenues to finding its number.

Your subconscious probably knows it already, We just have to find a way for it to surface into our consciousness.


One method is to use a pendulum. Take a piece of paper and put the numbers from one to nine in a circle. Hold the pendulum in the center of the circle. Let your subconscious move the pendulum. It will begin to swing towards and away from a number. Stop the pendulum swing then repeat. Let this occur several times until the pendulum no longer seems focused.


Take a few minutes and see your dream realized in your mind. Maybe it is a new house. Look very hard at it. See the front yard, the walk, the front door. Look up over the door, do you see a number? Or maybe you dream of a vacation in a villa overlooking the ocean. See yourself checking in at the beautiful resort. The clerk smiles and hands you the key. Look at it, what number?

DreamSong Pendant


You might be surprised by this. Sometimes others know you better. Ask your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or brother or sister what the best number for your dream is.

Your Initial

Many people use their initials. You can use just your first initial, or your first and last name, or perhaps first, middle, and last name initials. Use a simple conversion table. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. So if you are Mary Alice Baker, your dream number might be 131 using just the first two initials (M=13, A=1) or it might be 132 using your first and last name initials (M=13, B=2).

Your Birthday

There are several ways to use your birthday to find your dream. First just list your birthday in numbers in month, day, year sequence. For example March 12, 1988. That would be 3/12/1988. The obvious number is 312, the 12th day of the 3rd month. But some people would write day/month/year. That would be 12/3/1988. For them their dream number might be 123. Another way to use your birthday is add all the numbers together using just the two digits of the year. For November 25, 1988, that would be 11 (November is the 11th month) plus 25, plus 88. That adds up to 124.

Life Elements

You can use the birthday computation with other dates. Try it with the day you were married perhaps, or the date of the birth of a child, or favorite relative. You might try the date of your graduation or other significant event either past or future. If you are planning to finish college and are in the Class of 2019 with graduation in June of that year, your dream might be 619 (June is the 6th month in 2019)

Let Life Tell You

This is quite an effective way to find your dream. It usually takes less than a day. Start a day with the awareness that today your number will be given to you. As you go through the day, you will be quite amazed at how many numbers will appear to you. The clock will read 6:14 when you get up. The bus that goes by will be number 456. You will have a 3:15 checkup that ends up with good news. You will get a phone call from area code 386, and that number seems to stare at you from your phone. You go to the deli counter and your number on the little tab is 376. One of these numbers is going to resonate. You will know the universe has spoken.

DreamSong Pendant

Do it Today

Whatever method you use, find your dream number and let the DreamSong Pendant that is tuned to that number help you accomplish your dream. I would urge you to do this soon. Many people have dreams. Some of you will have similar dreams and may have similar numbers. There is only one DreamSong Pendant for each number. Make sure you get yours. If it is not currently listed, drop us a line to reserve it today.

We are called – we have a thousand dreams to give voice in stone.  We are on the way.  We will be adding DreamSongs periodically over the next year or so.  There is only one of each number.  When it is sold, it is gone forever.  If you have a certain number and a dream, perhaps you would like to reserve that DreamStone. We can do that.  You can also peruse the current ones for sale.  If you dream of something, perhaps your DreamStone can focus the Universal Life Force to aid you in making it come true.  We certainly believe that is possible.

~The Artists of EarthSong