The Almanac of Gaia


The Almanac of Gaia



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The all-new Almanac of Gaia 2021 Edition has just been released and it is a major release for the crystal and metaphysical community. The 2021 Almanac of Gaia is your window into the future, your guide to using your crystals to get what you want and need in the next year. This Almanac is your “wise counselor” guru and advisor in a simple to read, simple to understand, and simple to use daily guide to the swirling currents of Life in 2021.

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With this amazing Almanac, you will be able to…

Align your goals with the Universal Intent every week.
Know every week what you can do to best improve your life.
Bring the wisdom of the world’s most respected oracle into your life.
Know exactly what crystal energy to use for your issues every time.
Join hundreds of other crystal users in aligning their lives with Nature’s intent.
Find your way through the myriad of self-improvement fads and get things right in your life.
Understand when your goals are elusive and what to do to get back on track.
Live in harmony with yourself and the Earth Mother that provides all nourishment.
Keep your spirit soaring with the currents of Chi as they ebb and flow in the Universe.
Know in your heart that you are staying aligned with the Universal Intent so you can live the life you really want and deserve.


Yes, I’ve read enough and I want it!


the almanac of gaia

What is the Almanac of Gaia?

The Almanac of Gaia combines the wisdom of the Sage of the I Ching and the compassionate understanding of the Earth Mother in an amazing weekly oracle of the coming year and its currents of harmony and discord in the Universal Life Force.


Sample I Ching Cards

I Ching Hexagram 36I Ching Hexagram 10

Sample Almanac Pages

More about the Almanac…


Rarely has the future been so fraught with uncertainty. The virus ebbs and surges. Jobs appear and disappear. The political landscape is torn and the earth seems to be revolting – hurling hurricanes, floods and fires.

At the same time, the power of the neighborhood is growing and so is the power of family. Self-sufficiency is on the rise and technology is adapting to the new normal.

We seek some measure of control over our lives, and our spirits yearn to be free again. We know the state of the world is not our fault and we just want to help fix it for ourselves and our family.

Can crystals fix the world? No. But using them well and in a way consistent with the astrological energies descending on us from the Universe can help us cope, feel better about ourselves and give us the strength and clarity of vision to effectively navigate these times.

What we need are guidance and direction. We have a myriad of needs and desires. The world is changing unpredictability and there are thousands of crystals and Crystal books and websites. But we instinctively know that the energy and influence of our Crystal energy is just the Universal life force being shaped and modified by the color rays, Crystal matrices, and chemical earth energy of the crystals. We look to our astrologers to help us understand the flow of the Life Force as it cascades down among the planets in their never-ending dance around the sun and how it is affecting our crystals. By the way, your crystals all formed in other Earth under the influence of our moon that has been orbiting us since before life or crystals began.

But often there is little help there we can understand. The astrologers talk of trines and houses and give us obtuse charts of symbols. Without expensive consultants that avenue of understanding is difficult to travel.

It seems as if in our quest to gain understanding and a modicum of control We are lost and have no map or compass.

Fortunately, there is a way to deal with the uncertainty, to now understand and use the currents of the Universal Life Force and Master the use of our Crystal energies to boost our lives and spirits. We just need the map and the guide.

Such a Guide now exists and it is ready to show you exactly what cosmic energy you can expect and clearly show you which Crystals will focus it to satisfy your needs and desires.

The 2021 Almanac of Gaia is now ready.

What is it? It is your window into the future. It is your guide to using your crystals to get what you want and need. It is your “wise counselor” guru, and advisor in a simple to read, simple to understand, and simple to use daily guide to the swirling currents of Life in 2021. In clear English, it shows you the dominant energy of a week and each day in that week. Is it a time to take risks or hunker down? Is this a to trust or take warning? Is today a day to start a new project? What healing crystals will help me today?

How does it do that you might ask? Good question. Using the ancient oracle of the I Ching and the 5000 years of Moon Astrology wisdom it charts the ebb and flow of the Universal Life Force through the coming year.

Without it, you will be lost. You will not know why some crystals are seemingly dead. You may try to balance a chakra and be disappointed. Your clients for healing may be very dissatisfied. You may not have good dreams, your spirit may be restless and you may feel that things are just not right and you do not know how to fix it.

But with the Almanac you will be in control and confident. You will know how to meet the day. You will be a master of Crystal use and understand how the moon’s travels and phases are affecting them. You will know what Gaia, our Earth Mother is telling us too. For the earth, too, is affecting our lives our spirits, and our crystals. We all know “as above, so below. But at times when astrological circumstances dictate we have to know that “as below, so above.

So now is the time to tune in to the future and gain the insights and wisdom you need to thrive in an uncertain 2021.

And don’t delay. The Almanac is ready for you now. Check out important days in your life next year. What can you expect on your birthday or the birthday of family members? How about anniversaries and other important days? Use the Almanac to plan your year. You will have the time to really see what crystals you will want and learn how to use them in the best ways.

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Getting the Almanac for Free


the crystal inner circleThe Almanac of Gaia is offered for FREE to all Lifetime and Annunal Members of the Crystal Inner Circle. It is an invaluable aid to truly living a life of harmony with both the Universal Mind and with your own desires.

You will not need to be an expert in the I Ching to use the Almanac in your life. Each week the meanings of the oracle will be explored in the Communities of the Crystal Inner Circle. You will be shown exactly how combining the magic of crystal energy with the enlightened understanding of the Cosmic Intent can bring you much more control over your life and spirit making every week of 2021 a time of joy and fulfillment.


And even more…

The Crystal Inner Circle offers a variety of certified crystal courses, information, forums to ask questions from experts, and more…

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