Alabandite Cluster (Extra Small)


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SOURCE: Peru. PRIMARY USES: PRIMARY USES: Alabandite can be used to bring order to situations and for the treatment of poor communication within families. It encourages honesty and real communication. This stone in its natural form brings “brotherhood” and understanding to situations. SECRETS OF THE STONE: Alabandite is a Seeker Energizer Crystal. Seeker Energizers are fantastic energy conduits of the Universal Life Force that help you have the energy and determination to success in seeking new changes in your lives. It protects you when you seek to keep negative energy away from you and maximize the effects of positive energy on you life. If you are suffering from fear, particularly fear of physical injury, keep this Alabandite near you for protection. It will help guard and protect you and give you the energy you need to be strong and safe. ZODIAC: Alabandite is associated with Aries. Aries are often very brave leaders with a genuine concern for those they lead. They are very responsible people, Aries are always people that are delving into new ideas and new projects. They are curious and energetic. FENG SHUI: Alabandite has Water energy. Water energy is symbolized by blue and black. Use these colors of crystals to enhance any space that you use for repose, calm reflection, or prayer. Use blue or black crystals to bring the flowing energy of the water element to areas of your home and life that are focused on realizing your potential. Water energy is traditionally associated with the entry or the North area of a home or room. It is associated with the Career and Life Path area. Its flowing energy will assure a balance of energy as your life unfolds and flows. To keep your life moving forward towards your goals use the water elements energy. OTHER INFO: Other practitioners report that Alabandite should be activated with a black tourmaline and a clear quartz. Wrap them all together and place in the moonlight for at least one night.