November Crystal Horoscope 2021


Description: November Crystal Horoscope 2021. We know as you do that “as above, so below”. The stars in the heavens in their celestial journeys offer us the guidance, hope, and directions to make our lives and spirits full and happy.

Our crystals help us use that guidance and direction in bettering our lives. Now you have an easy and clear guide to understanding the cosmic currents and how to use them with the right crystal energy. You see, the heavens are constantly changing and the currents of the Life Force are swirling and flowing as the Cosmic dance of the planets ever continues.

So for a Libra or a Pisces this month – what is the guidance and what crystal energy should I be using this month? Or for a Cancer or Capricorn, which crystal should I be using in my mediations or carrying for my spirit?

The Monthly Crystal Horoscope gives you the answers you need. The projections and readings of a professional astrologer and the wisdom and guidance of a Crystal Master are combined to bring you the real story each month.

The month of November functions as a catalyst, igniting new life and new beginnings. The past is catching up with us this month, therefore it’s a karmic month. Depending on our previous actions, this could be for the better or for the worse. The spiritual meaning of November represents action, continuity, reflection, and change.

This 8-page pdf Crystal Horoscope will provide you with a monthly forecast based on your zodiac sign and provide the recommended crystal energy needed to keep you balanced.

Note: This is a downloadable product.

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