Alchemist Handbook


Description: Alchemist Handbook. This handbook is to be used for the Alchemist course. To learn more about the course – click here.

The Alchemist Handbook is a physical 102-page coil-bound book. The coil binding makes it easy to fold pages for studying during the course.

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Size: 8.5 in x 11 in. Weighs approximately 11 oz.

Primary Uses: Crystal Alchemy is a new offshoot of traditional alchemy drawing on the traditions and methods of the alchemist of old and combining them with the knowledge of the energies of crystals and stones.

Today we can combine the wisdom of the ancient alchemist, seers, and magicians with the current findings of science. The result is a robust, easily mastered skill – creating magic from crystal energy. The study of this skill is called Crystal Alchemy.

Never before have some of these secrets been revealed. You will be amazed to learn that wonders you just thought might exist, really do exist. And you can easily control and use them to make life better for yourself and others. This course will show you how.

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