Angelic Aura Crystal Bracelet


Description: Angelic Aura Crystal Bracelet contains beautiful Cryolite Chips. Cryolite is a potent stone for light body awakening and ascension. It increases emotional stability during times of stress. It also promotes awareness of oneself and their environment. You will receive the typical item shown.

Size: Size ranges from 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. 

Primary Uses: Everyone has an aura that surrounds them. It can cause others to feel certain ways about us before we even speak to them. It can also make us feel certain ways about ourselves. Our auras may become cluttered, crowded, and unappealing. With the Angelic Aura Crystal Bracelet, others will feel more at ease around you. They will feel a sense of connection and compassion. Others will trust you more and feel like you have something unexplainably positive to offer. If you’re looking to communicate with your guardian angel or the angelic realm, this is just the crystal jewelry you need. It can act as a natural communication conduit while also cleansing and filling your auric field with love and light.

Cryolite is a high-energy crystal. This stone inspires a deep connection to higher angelic realms and stimulates a mind-heart circuitry. It has a calming, soft vibration but can be quite intense, for it encourages extensive spiritual growth.

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  • Guardian SolidifierCryolite is a form of Gypsum. It is a Guardian Solidifier Crystal. Guardian crystals are used in the physical world to protect your loved ones, your possessions, and your physical security. They are very useful in protecting houses and homes, property, and valuables.If you have prized possessions you want to guard and protect, use a Guardian crystal. They are also useful for travelers and adventures to take with them on their travels as insurance against harm. They are useful for emergency workers, soldiers, sailors, and airmen in the performance of their dangerous duties.In the spiritual world, the Guardian crystals have several special uses. They first serve to guard your beliefs against doubt. Everyone at some point begins to doubt some of his or her most cherished beliefs. That doubt can grow and affect our lives. A Guardian crystal can help you keep true to your ideals and beliefs. The Guardian crystals can also protect your spirits. If you anticipate a trying and difficult, even stressful future, a Guardian can be very effecting in aiding your efforts to maintain your disposition, sense of humor, and respect for others.White is the color of the feminine gender, manifested as the Goddess in many cultures, and, as such, the color of the world of birth, and regeneration. It is a cool color of the night, the sleeping world, and it offers us the best guide to the hidden world beyond understanding, just as the moon is our only illumination in the dark world of night.
  • This Cryolite is the color of the true birthstones of those born under the Aquarius sign (January 20–February 18).
  • This Cryolite, as you might imagine is used in honoring Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon.
  • This Cryolite activates and clears the Third Eye, opening communication and awareness from higher vibratory realms.
  • This Cryolite has Metal elemental energy. Metal energy is the energy of intelligence, contraction, healing, and creativity. It is the energy of togetherness and crystallization – of ideas, of concepts, and of groups. It is hard, sharp, and often destructive, yet an essential element in all lives. We have to be sharp, unyielding, and hard at times to find our way without being a victim of others.This Cryolite is not a practical meditation stone. It has high energy and tends to excite you rather than calm you.
  • The Book of Stones reports that Cryolite is a great stone for profound inner peace for it radiates into one’s entire auric field. Its radiance also encourages an understanding of the heart and conscious mind. According to Melody in Love is in the Earth, Cryolite aids one with public speaking and speech disorders.