Thrive from Persecution Grid Layout Card


Description: Thrive from Persecution Grid Layout Card. Card with special directions for use. Elegant grid design. Create your own grid using your stones and grid board. The card has a layout diagram and stone meanings on the back. Activation statement on the front: “I am protected from unwanted energies that come from outside and from within. I am open to the wisdom that allows me to see the truth in any situation and the path that allows me to thrive.” This layout card is designed to be used with an 8″ Owl Totem Animal Spirit Board and the stones shown on the back of the card. It is a good layout to use for anyone who feels they are being persecuted for any reason, willing to learn and grow, and change the situation.

Size: Card is 5.5 x 4.2 inches. 

Primary Uses: This is a great extra grid to use. Strong and powerful energies reside inside. Use this grid to help heal. 


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Crystals needed for this grid:

Lapis Lazuli- To enhance intuition, intelligence, and the ability to speak truthfully with a clear vision. 

Black Tourmaline – To cleanse the auric field of all negativity leaving the mind and body pure.

Labradorite – For protection while awakening one’s magical powers and control the powers that help manifest your desired outcome. 

Snowflake Obsidian – For protection from internal and external negative thoughts. Turns a bad situation good. 

Apatite – For the ability to see existence on many places as a puzzle that comes together for that moment of understanding. 

Pink Calcite – For Heart understanding to dispel arguments. 

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