Stand in Your Power Grid Layout Card


Description: Stand in Your Power Grid Layout Card. Card with special directions for use. Elegant grid design. Create your own grid using your stones and grid board. The card has a layout diagram and stone meanings on the back. Activation statement on the front: “I connect with my higher self to learn from the past. I have the confidence and the courage to know my path and to stand in that power.” This layout card is designed to be used with an 8″ Jaguar Totem Animal Spirit Board and the stones shown on the back of the card. It is a good layout to use for someone who is realizing they are in control of their life and that they can make a difference in it.

Size: Card is 5.5 x 4.2 inches. 

Primary Uses: This is a great extra grid to use. Strong and powerful energies reside inside. Use this grid to help heal. 


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Crystals needed for this grid:

Aragonite Cluster – Helps one revisit the past, to clear hurts, and learn from them so that one is free to live and act in the present. 

Clear Quartz – To magnify the energies of other stones and of your intention. To help program the path you want to take and help you keep true to this path. 

Carnelian – Brings courage and confidence to help you stand your ground when others would have you stray. 

Red Cat’s Eye shell – To bring balance and keep you grounded. Place 3 with the white female side up and 3 with the red male side up, alternating around your layout. 

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