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Description: Elestial Calcite, also known as Elestite or “White Moldavite” is a transparent to translucent, colorless calcite  which has a highly etched, natural surface texture. The wrinkled texture is similar to the embayed and resorbed surface texture referred to as “elestial” textured quartz. Elestite is similar in appearance to Moldavite tectites and is called “White Moldavite” by some in metaphysical circles. The extraterrestrial origin of elestial calcite is questionable but fascinating. Elestial calcite is found near sand dune fields in the Mohave Desert, near the Colorado River, in western Arizona. The specimens appear to be crystal fragments with a strong crystalline structure. The differential weathering of the surface is perplexing since emmersion in acid baths produce a smooth, rounded texture on the surface like jelly beans rather then increasing the etched texture. Examination of near perfect crystals with deeply etched surfaces shows the etched grooves do not always correspond to cleavage directions of crystal growth planes. Studies of ventifacts; wind shaped stones which occur in very windy desert environments suggest calcite and calcarous limestones weather to a “rillenstein” or rilled stone surface texture. Recent studies in the Mohave Desert has uncovered similar surface textures in calcite and calcite rich limestones.  This appears to be the source of the unique texture. The Elestites occur on south facing slopes with strong winds which carry abundant fine sand which blast the stones constantly. The specimens are excellent for jewelry, wire wrapping, display, and metaphysical applications. Calcite is relatively soft and should be used for pendants, earrings, and pins. Under a short-wave back light material fluoresces purple, orange, pink, yellow, green, and phosporent yellow.  

Several noted writers of metaphysical literature have worked with and written about Elestial Calcite including Marilyn and Thomas Twintrees in “Stones Alive!”, who suggest the stone has an unmistakable Moldavite essence, eases physical and emotional pain, and supports us emotionally. Melody in “Love is in the Earth: Supplement A”, suggests the stone offers protection, love, and aids in understanding complexity and stimulates  recall of past lives. Robert Simmons of Heaven and Earth suggests the stones high vibrations can be used to activated dormant mind centers, commune with the angelic realm and receive guidance. Refer to the above authors books for additional information.

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Source: Mohave Desert

Size: Range in size from 1/2-3/4 inches in length. Approximate weight is 2 grams.  Sold Individually,

Primary Uses: Balancing and meditation stone for recentering after excessive exposure to powerful Yang environments. If you need to restore yourself, meditation with calcite is highly recommended. Restoring balance is critical to your well being.

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  • seeker builderrCalcite is a Seeker Builder Crystal. Seeker Builder crystals are used to focus your efforts to achieve a highly desirable goal. Finding your true love, getting your perfect home, or having a financially secure retirement are all dreams that take a great deal of focus and energy to accomplish. Calcite is a perfect aid for such efforts.

  • Calcite has Metal elemental energy. Metal energy is the energy of intelligence, contraction, healing, and creativity. It is the energy of togetherness and crystallization – of ideas, of concepts, and of groups. It is some times hard, sharp, and often destructive, yet an essential element in all lives. In Calcite, its metal energy is tempered and more focused on power for avoiding being a victim of others.

    The metal element brings the power of concentration and determination to our lives and our dwellings. Use Calcite in the west area of your home or room to bring the Metal energy of concentration to your efforts.

  • These stones can be used to determine the sex of a baby using a pendulum. Hold the pendulum over the stone for several seconds. If the pendulum swings towards you and away from you, the indication is that the baby is the same sex as you. If the pendulum swings side to side, the baby will be of the opposite sex.

  • Calcite is a meditation stones used when you need to restore balance in your life, when it is out of balance from an excess of Yang energy. The world can be a harsh, hard, loud, and forceful place. Calcite is a repose. For many, just holding one for a few minutes brings great relief.

  • Other practitioners report that Calcite facilitates time travel, inspires, and energizes you. It is also reported to cure resentment and animosity. The stones do seem to also be used for strengthening character, fighting bigotry, and sexism.