Attuned Tiger’s Eye Massage Wand


Description: Tiger’s Eye massage Wand. Tiger’s Eye is a formation of millions of petrified fibers with a diameter of 0001 mm. or finer.  Embedded in heavy iron formation, each fiber reflects light at a different angle, hence the shimmering effect.  But also of great value to thoughts transmissions due to fine fibers individual minute reflections. You will receive the typical item shown.

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Size: Ranges from 3 – 4 inches in length. Weighs approximately 70 grams.

Primary Uses: Tiger’s Eye is primarily used as a personal talisman to attract wealth and property. It does increase devotion and aids in smoothing differences between life partners. It has strong energy to build leadership and authority.

Attunement Energy: Tiger’s Eye is a potent crystal of energy, vitality, strength, power, opportunity, material wealth, and prosperity.

On the evening of October 20th, when the meteor shower is at its peak, our Crystal Masters and Reiki Masters will perform a special attunement ceremony on this Tiger’s Eye crystal. This works to pull the robust energy from the cosmos and place them inside the crystals.

The powerful energy of Orion, the dynamic energy of the cosmos, and the healing, influential energy of Reiki all work together to bring you a unique crystal — unlike anything available anywhere else.

The Attunement Ceremony will be performed on October 20th and your new crystal will ship out to you on the following day, Friday, October 21st.

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seeker transformerTalisman or Amulet: Tiger’s Eye quartz is a Seeker Transformer Crystal. Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way
to transform a part of one’s life to a more desirable state. Quartz is the most common Seeker Transformer. Golden Tiger’s Eye brings us a deeper and more pronounced sense of devotion and commitment, providing us with a mature enthusiasm and the ability to share a lifelong commitment of care and love. It will provide you with the power to lead projects, organizations, and efforts to success. Most important, darker shades of gold are the ultimate power crystals. They exude authority, control, leadership, success, and influence. Not to be overlooked, this is also a powerful talisman for achieving great satisfaction in your life.

Birthstone: With its dark golden color, Tiger’s Eye is one of the natural birthstones of people born in the magical month of midsummer (July 22–August 21).

Goddess: Tiger’s Eye is used in devotions to Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of War.

Chakra: Tiger’s Eye is associated with the area between the Second (Sacral) and Third (Solar Plexus) Chakras. It is used for spiritual healing of issues related to conflicts between emotions and one’s true inner path. Use Tiger’s Eye to focus the Universal Life Force on resolving issues at the core of your being – such as dealing with either rejecting what you know to be your inner path, or causing pain to others.

Feng Shui: Tiger’s Eye has Fire Energy. Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination, and activity. It is Yang in nature. It is the energy of heat, action, emotion, and passion- of ideas, concepts, and sex. It is alive, potent, but often destructive. We all need the heat, passion, and life-giving energy of the fire element. It is a powerful element that must be used in moderation.

Other Information: Other practitioners report that Tiger’s Eye is a good talisman for attracting wealth and property. It is also is reported to aid in decision making by improving your inner vision and aiding in determining what is really important in a decision. In “Love is in the Earth” Melody reports Tiger’s Eye is used to explore the duality of one’s nature and reduce aimlessness.In The New Crystal Bible, Cassandra Eason tells us Tiger’s Eye helps overcome the fear of failure during competitions or performances.